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Cape Town of 17th Sept 2010

Is the day where we shud be cruising along the Strand up to Hermanus n nothing else. How far, how long the journey will take, honestly I couldnt recall. Not even a bit. (Itulah padahnya when u procrastinate ye).
Nway, we started off the day with a family photoshoot at our rented house. Gud thing about it, all kids were in a good mood especially our kak iman.. Ngee~~
Smile!! (see, xla byk mane my family members nih... huhuhu)
We initially took the wrong route, siap termasuk kat area gangster lg. Huhuhu... But managed to get to the beautiful Strand, with the help of GPS, of course. (GPS really did such good job throughout our vacation)
The reason why we want to cruise along the Strand is due to the beautiful scenery. N untung sabut, we might get the chance to see whales or dolphines!
N guess what, the dolphines were being nice to us n appeared!!
Can u spot the fins?

A group of them :)

N we stopped at one of the sight-seeing points for piccas~~

Bergaya x kak iman?

Later, we continueud our journey n stopped at Stony Point Penguin Colony. Very stony indeed!! N it was a penguin spot. Since the wind was not very kind to us, only Papa, Pak Yeop n Pak Ngah went to see the penguins n the rest stayed in the car. Heehuu~~

Papa n Pak Yeop. Pak Ngah as the photographer

Penguins on the rocks~
Perhaps we stopped there for an hour or so n proceed with our journey to Hermanus. Time clicking n same goes to our tummy. So, we had our picnic lunch immediately once we reached Hermanus.
I dont think it is a picnic spot tp kitorg belasah je.. ;p

N lepas kenyang perut, we went for a walk n grab some photoshots.
Actually, to really reach the famous spot of Hermanus was not that far, with only 15 minutes walk. But, with 3 preggy ladies on board, walking was not our preference. It would be nice if we could stroll along the beach up to the spot n enjoy the view but we decided not to.
So, we cruised to the spot.

Only here u can find the whale crier. His job is to blow the kuduzela, which sounds like the whales to attract the whales to come nearer. Of course, we need to pay him for a series of blow.
That's the whale crier

Several tourists paid him, I guess as we heard him blowed the kuduzela, few times. N resulted to this!

The whale fin
It was quite far from us but we are fortunate that we got the chance to witness it. Fortunate to witness a wild whale!

Another mission to go to Hermanus is to go to its craft market but unfortunately, it was closed. N only open on weekends... Sigh... N so, we're done with Hermanus n searched for masjid for our prayers n found this
A newly built mosque
N we drove back home. Since it was still early, we went to Wembley's where u can find all the Halaal stuff there.

Sib baik Pak Yeop ade amik gamba Wembley's... hihihih...

Note that cheeky boy!! Sempat lg die pose while we were choosing a cake for the September boys n girls n some yummy pastries too!!
Done with the shopping n we were safely home. :)

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