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Cape Town of 18th Sept 2010

We bought birthday cake for September's babies on 17th Sept but we didnt celebrate it right away. So, the event was postponed to the next day, as our breakfast together with the pastries. Owh, we had to celebrate it in the morning coz AyahChik need to be travelled back to M'sia in the evening.
Birthday deco yg sgt koboi, still in the box n yet sume serbu!!

N the pastries
Since it was the last day for AyahChik, we went to the must-go places. Must-go in our definition is the places that we used to go to few years back. Among them is
Rhodes Memorial. Gud place for hiking but we never did. Nih pon jenuh climbing the stairs. Huhuh...

Ilham yg takut2 but excited

Here, the forest is still preserved. Same goes to the animals~~

Enuf of camwhoring, we drove along the Lion's Head n stopped at Signal Hills, where u can view the whole Cape Town city, even the Robben Island...

See, Table Mountain at the back

Iman n Ilham kene panas terik!

Time clicked so fast n the only place that we can go b4 lunch is Victoria & Alfred Waterfront yg sgt cantik.

Inside the mall

Outside the mall, near the harbour

Our final family photo b4 AyahChik's departure

N us with sleeping Iman

Then we searched for lunch spot, that serve halaal steak. But no such place there.
So, we straight away went to VanGate Mall yg mmg confirm ade Spur yg halal. N another plus point is kat situ ade surau..

Choices of salad

Taking orders

Enjoying the meals. Me n Papa kene minum teh je coz the kids were coughing. If we were to take cold drinks, definitely kak iman will join the bliss n u know how it's gonna end.

Kami yg kelaparan
Along the way, we took turns for our prayers coz time was running out.
Whilst Iman grab the opportunity for the rides. N Atuk jadi mangsa yg kene sponsor the coins.

Once we were done with lunch, we planned to go for picking while Atuk n Opah sent AyahChik to the airport. After saying bye-bye to AyahChik, to Polkadraai we go~~~
We went there again but this time truly for strawberry picking!!!! I actually reserved that for Iman as she’s soooo into strawberries. She joined us initially, but ended up playing with the stones n came to me just for the strawberries. Guess she just loves eating strawberries but not picking strawberries.
The strawberries' lady
(Note: Itu adalah hasil tangkapan Pak Yeop. I hanye posing ;p)

Busy collecting the stones

It was very hot that day n all of us kepenatan

Our crops plus others
N we were done with Day 5

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