Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cape Town of 19th Sept 2010

It was Sunday n we didn't go far. To the city centre again as we had an invitation by one of Atuk's close friends. We toured around town n planned for ferris wheel...

But it was closed.

So, we toured around the waterfront n harbour, by foot. Nice
Pak Yeop highlighted about Two Ocean Aquarium n we went there. But. we managed to go for a light shopping at nearby craft market.

Owh, Iman was under Atuk's supervision. N as usual, she umpan Atuk to grant her wish, which is...

Ship ride

Whale ride

Submarine ride n more~~ Teehee

The rest were scattered n waiting for our turns to get into the aquarium...

I assumed the aquarium is more or less similar to Aquaria, but I was wrong. It shares about Atlantic and Indian Oceans marine life.


N also about frogs n penguins

Br blaja nak duduk

N we're done with the marine life n time for us to take a look at the curio shop...

N next up for boat cruising

Waiting for Atuk

Happily playing while waiting for the cruise

All on board~~

Cruising while munching~~
We took a tour to see the whole area of Waterfront. The tour guide explained about every single tourist spot. It’s supposed to be a 1 hr ride (kot), but we shortened it coz it rained heavily n Ilham was supercranky during the ride. Coldness is the reason.

End of half day n we geared up for our meet up with Uncle Ighsaan's family.

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