Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our 3rd has safely arrived

We went for my final check up around 11.30 on 4/3/11. As of last week, the baby is fully engaged n the size almost reached 3.5 kg. Gagaga... So by this final check up, Papa n I decided to get going, via induction as my previous experience, it will definitely go beyond the dates. Well, yes, people will definitely question once u decided for induction. Why we dont opt for normal delivery. Let's put it this way. Every pregnancy is very unique n the same goes to delivery. A fren of mine once told me that her gynae adviced it is better to get going if the baby is ready. Rather than waiting for the show or strong contraction or whatsoever, which apparently didnt really happen to all mothers. N referring to current situation, we hav the technology, so use it. :) Another concern that made us decided to get going is due to the size of the baby. N since my kids are all the jendul2 type, this will require more effort to deliver. Teehee...

Nway, we went to see Dr Seri n got the latest update bout the baby n shared our decision with her. So, we were admitted later that nite.

11.20pm 4/3/11

We were supposed to be admitted at 10.30pm. We left MIL's at 8.30 pm, went to Alamanda for the baby's last minute shopping (n grab mothercare's sale) n lost at the highway on our way to PCMC. N only reached there at 11.20pm. Once settled with the admission, the midwife came to check the opening n it was already 4cm, n the ctg showed mild contractions every 10-15 mins. So, no induction for that nite n we moved to normal ward.

6.30am 5/3/11

I was moved to labor room, n they set for ctg. Midwife wanted to put me on epidural, but I requested for doc's opinion.

8.30am 5/3/11

Doc came in n we discussed. I was pretty indecisive but in my opinion, since it is progressing well, I dont think epi is necessary. So, doc helped me to decide, induction without epi. 9.30pm 5/3/11 Already 5cm dilated n servix is ready. Alhamdulillah. Doc pecahkan ketuban n the battles started. Battles as the contraction kept on coming, eventhough it was not very vigorous n Papa kept on pressing me to go for epi. (well, kitorg kalo xgaduh kat labor room mmg xsah. Hahaha!!!)

11++ am

Papa won. (I dah xlarat nak gaduh, so kasi jela menang. Hehe.) So, we requested for epidural. Midwife came n checked, still 5cm. So she arranged for anas.

12.20 noon

The pain got stronger n I really2 need to go to the loo. The midwife came n checked again n it was already 7cm dilated. So, the epi was cancelled epi. N get going. (n so I won!!! Tee hee)

1.04 pm

Iffah was born!! Alhamdulillah. Well, her shoulder stucked actually. So, we took extra time to take her out. N she was in the nicu after the delivery. But alhamdulillah she was ok after half an hour. :) Welcome to the world, my dear Nur Iffah Sumayyah binti Mohd Alham ;)

Thanx papa for the lovely flowers!!!

P/s: owh, this time Papa xjd org yg paling byk kene marah. Ngee~~ Perhaps coz it was not such a long labor (unlike Ilham's) n my SPD was not that bad. Alhamdulillah...

P/s #2: Thanx to all who came n visit us! Thank you sooo much. :)



eeja said...

congrats! Cumil baby;) Interesting experience..u hv been thru C-sect, normal with epi & normal w/o epi..leh bikin buku pasni, hehe..

E`n1x said...

congrats che ah! :D :D xoxo

zaihah said...

congrates che ah, I salute la you can u manage taking care of the small, medium n big baby N doing house chores at the same limited time after rayyan sorg pon I dah rasa kelam kabut..ekekkkeke..

im_an_ibu said...

thanx eeja!!! cant wait 2 c ur new edition plak... hihihi...

thanx lily!!! dah dkt abis pantang, br ade free time sket. bleh i bloghop... hihihi

thanx meknoor!!! segan i bile u ckp gitu sbb i dah ade maid skang. so house chores die yg buat. pengsan i kalo sume i kene buat. hohoho!!! plus the elder 2 still very clingy n asyik nak hug je most of the time, mmg xmenang tgn!!! hihihi


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