Saturday, March 5, 2011

Was impatiently waiting

But it's about to happen at anytime soon!!!

Guess i need to put my Cape Town story on hold. Another 3 days to go. But thats not all as i owe an entry (to myself) about our oz vacay. Haishhhh...

When i'm gonna update bout it? I truly hav no idea...

But why i had to put it on hold?

Coz my battle is gonna start anytime soon! Just waiting for the progress now n cant wait to see u, dear! I'm sure Papa, ur Kak Iman n Abg Ilham feel the same.

Do pray for us. :)


1 comment:

puterinuraqiliah said...

mak chik ah^^
jmp pun ur blog~,~
follow mine back k:)

btw, congratulation for ur new born baby girl. put her pictures as many as u can in ur blog k:D


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