Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cape Town of 22nd Sept 2010

is reserved for a tour to Robben Island. I've been there b4 n it was splendid!
This time, only Papa, Mak Yong n Pak Yeop went since, they've never been there b4. I decided to stay with the kids as Ilham was cranky, previously during the boat cruise. Owh, Robben Island is Alcatraz of South Africa, prison on an island, where Nelson Mandela was one of the prisoners.

See, how meaningful the logo is :)

I still can recall the explanation given by the tour guide n how bad the prisoners were treated. :(

The tour guide was one of the prisoners, who'd been fighting for their rights during the Apartheid.

Table Mountain from afar~~

While they went to Robben Island, we were lepaking at the V&A Waterfront, again. Yes, again. This place is simply nice n endless... hihihi...

Right after lunch, we went to Uncle Dave for our last diamond grab while Pak Yeop did his own tour all over the CBD. N I personally very shocked looking at his piccas! He went to the places that we've never been b4, places that I'm not aware of!! Jelesnyeeeee~~~

The original designer, Charles Freeman, miscalculated the foundations and was replaced by Henry Greaves, who oversaw the building until completion in 1885

South African National Gallery houses some of the most beautiful collections of South African, African, British, French, Dutch and Flemish art in South Africa

African curios now predominate - there is still an exciting buzz as well as evidence of the city’s most colourful and eccentric characters

N we wrapped up our tour later that evening n reserved the night for our packings~~

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