Monday, April 11, 2011

Cape Town of 23rd Sept 2010

is the day that we need to wake up from our sweetest dream... We had to leave for the airport latest by 7.30 or else we gonna miss the flight. N we had Uncle Homer who was very kind to send our bags to the airport via his bakkie. (owh, he picked us up when we arrived too)

There, Imam Rashad n his wife, Auntie Aisha were already waiting for us. Mak Su's close fren n her husband were there too!

Atuk, Imam, Opah, Mak Yong n Auntie Aisha

Boarding time~~

N we r up in the sky!!

At this time, we're just counting the hours to touch down.... Sakit bunt*t dok lame2... Hihihi

See... 11 hrs 56 mins to go!! Gagaga~~~

Catch me asleep~

The boys were having their conversation ;p
This lil' fella yg mmg sgt cheeky

After the crankiness cum tiredness cum sleepyness cum restlessness, we had safely touch down KLIA. N it was DAMN HOT!!!! I just wish we r in Cape Town again... Wink2~~

N we wrapped up our dream with our M'sian Breakfast!!! Teehee~~~


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