Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cape Town - Visiting Families

Other than touring, cruising, strolling all over Cape Town, we had our meet-ups with our extended family. Splendid, as we got the chance to gather again n I SIMPLY LOVE CAPE MALAYS FOOD!! hihihihi.... Upon arrival, we had our lunch at Uncle Homer's daughter's.
That's us filling up our tanks~~

n family photo is a must!
We reserved some of the nites hanging out with other families. One of them was dining out at Vangate Mall, a treat by Uncle Haniff - Atuk's ex-colleague. Uncle Ighsaan n wife as well as Imam Rashad n wife were there too!!!
The hungry Mak Su

The cranky Ilham

N one of the nites, we gathered at Uncle Homer's daughter's again but this time with bigger crowds.

Atuk n Uncle Homer

The friendly Alya

Pak Yeop n Papa had a chat with Uncle Homer

N of course, our family photo

We also received a lunch invitation from Uncle Ighsaan - Atuk's ex-colleague.

Patiently waiting for the food :)

Fateh, Atuk n Uncle Ighsaan

Mak Su siap2 book tpt yg senang capai sume

Tgk Mak Su tuh... :p

The ladies

n the whole family

N later, we dropped by at Uncle Solomon's. He was Atuk's ex-boss

At the Noon Gun area

See, Mak Su tgh mkn lg... ;pp

Cape Town city view from his house

A photo b4 our gudbyes

N on our 2nd last nite, we grabbed our chance to visit Imam Rashad's family. I was on high fever that nite n cant really had a good chat with the aunties.

Atuk n Imam Rashad

Our final family photo. Note that Atuk was on the fon... Teehee~~~

Those are the families that Atuk n Opah met while they were in Cape Town n we still keep in touch until now n became part of our family. Thank you so much for your hospitality throughout our stay. I just felt like dreaming when meeting them again....

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