Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cape Town of 21st Sept 2010 - Shall I continue? Shall I not?

I better do so. B4 all the memories fade away~~

N so we went around town again. This time to the Iziko Museum and did a lil' bit of shopping at V&A Waterfront. Such a big museum which made me n Papa skipped some places (sbb xlarat nak jalan). Really salute Pak Yeop sbb mmg tawaf abis the whole museum...

Sgt bertuah sbb there were lots n lots of preserved animals. Hey, we didnt go to any safaris, so berbaloila dpt tgk those animals dkt2. :) Among them are

Mr Ello

Mr Zebra

Deers n we were caught by the whale
U can view everything there. The life of the tribes, marine life, the big 5, wildlife, precious stones etc. etc. etc....
This is the time when Iman got cranky. Lie down on the floor n lembik2kan badan when we want to carry her. Berat!!! Later, we shop again kat V&A Waterfront
n tour at that area...

After lunch, we went to Kirstenbosch for another shopping. But me n Papa didnt buy a thing sbb geram ngan pekerja curio shop yg sgt rude. N we left early to bring the kids to the clinic as Ilham became chesty while Iman's cough got worst. N owh, we missed the trip to Hout Bay, tpt yg I've been dreaming to go.. huhuhu

Hout Bay

Jeles! Jeles!!

That's the end of the day. 1 day left for us to cherish our time in Cape Town!!!

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