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What’s up with the confinement thingy?

We are already back in Kertih. Just so you know, we didn’t stay in Ipoh for long. For reasons. Only around 3 weeks. N a week in PCMC b4 that n now we are in Kertih. My confinement is progressing well. Alhamdulillah. Perhaps, after having 2 kids, now I learnt how to manage myself n know what is expected to happen during the confinement. N that helps me to control my stress as well. Not 100% controlled but somehow I learnt to control better. :)

Weeks b4 the delivery, I’ve been counting the days to go back to Ipoh n stay there for long. Well at least for 6 weeks, another 2 weeks are left for me n the kids to settle down, gearing up their momentum in getting back to school. But the plan had changed. For reasons which some of us may think, those are just very lame. So, what’s up with the confinement thingy?

Of Iman’s n Ilham’s

Eversince we went to the labor room, we had to leave the kids with my MIL n my maid, Kak Nab. N so, everything about them was handled by Kak Nab. On a more serious note, the elder two started to spend more of their time with Kak Nab. Especially Ilham as he was superclingy right after that. He wants to be carried most of the time (until now) n of course I couldn’t carry him, so he turned to Kak Nab. I no longer bathe them n rarely play with them as I need to attend Iffah n rest. Luckily, they still turn to me when its bedtime. Well, there are times that Ilham can sleep with Kak Nab, if he’s too sleepy but Iman definitely wants me to put her to sleep.

But the fact that Iman often turned to Kak Nab everytime she wants to play, had resulted sth.

‘Kak Nab, jom main playroom’

‘Kak Nab, Iman nak shi shi’

‘Kak Nab, Iman nak wash hand’ n all other wishes…

I felt left out. N I’m plain jealous!! pffttt…

Seeing Ilham being carried by Kak Nab most of the time, while he was previously refused to be carried by her, breaks my heart too. But I was not given any choice. The only way in making sure that they spend lesser time with her is by sending them to the nursery. N fetch them at 5 n spend time with them after that. So, here we are in Kertih n the elder 2 had started their school routine eversince. Besides, they were only exempted from paying the monthly fees for a month, so we need to pay the fees for the 2nd month. N thus, might as well we send them off, rather than paying for nothing. N now I’m jealous-free!! Clapclapclap~~~ n I feel the kids are back with me again.

Of Iffah

N having the kids in the nursery allows me to have my time with Iffah. Cuddled her at times, feeding her, training her to be independent while she’s awake n playing with the hanging toys… Sometimes, I noticed that she was like smiling n talking to the toys (goose bumps!!)

I succeeded in bottlefeeding her, at first. I learnt my lesson well when I had difficulties in giving bottles to Iman. I introduced bottle to Iman quite late as we don’t want any nipple confusion. N I introduced bottles to Ilham n Iffah soon enuf n had no problem at all. But not for long for Iffah. She started to reject bottles once we’re in Kertih. Probably as I didn’t consistently bottlefed her. Note: when laziness strikes. So, I need to retrain her n changed the bottle from tommee tippee to 1st year.

Oh, she’s just one lil’ chubby fella. With cute lil’ face. Who just loves having people around, or at least a sound of people’s presence. Reached 4.8kg when she was 25 days n I just can’t wait to weigh her at her 2 month’s check up. :)


Of milk supply

Just like Ilham’s, my supply was not really encouraging. Only after the 5th days, my b**bies start producing enough milk. That was after a series of direct feeding n pumping, days n nites. I even scheduled pumping sessions, hourly, so that my brain train my b**bies to produce.

Stressful, it is. Moreover, Iffah needed to be on ultralight due to jaundice n so, she required more supply due to dehydration. As my supply didn’t help much earlier, we opt for topping up FM to Iffah when the needs came. Not for long as Papa suggested to get some help from Mak Yong, n she gave us bottles of her milk supply. Bottles, ok! Tekejut I... Alhamdulillah!!! Mmg rezeki Iffah. Thank you sooo much Mak Yong! N now Iffah is anak susuan Mak Yong n adik beradik susuan dgn Fateh n Fahim :))))

N b**bies started to co-operate n produced more than required. N I’m stocking up. Wee~~

Of my mission

In getting back my shape. I’m still struggling. I didn’t wear bengkung at all during Iman’s as I was on c-sect (sakit nak pki) n only wear several times during Ilham’s as I was lazy. Hehehe… Hey, I kinda got back my shape after Iman’s, thanx to breastfeeding. So, I didn’t believe in wearing bengkung will ever work, but breastfeed does. N I was wrong! I didn’t really get my shape after Ilham’s eventhough I breastfed exclusively.

So, now I religiously wearing the bengkung eventhough I passed the 40 days. N breastfeed. N some Kegel exercise, of course. Me on diet is absolutely a no-no as I think my appetite is simply unstoppable.

Onward, I’m dying to start playing squasy as for my exercise. Not only in getting back my shape but I just want to stay fit. I was breathless, tired n lazy during my pregnancy, just so u know. N if I were to get pregnant again in future, (which I’m hoping so), I’m sure I wont be as strong as b4. N I’m dying to start squasy-ing because I want to have a ME-time, doing things that I enjoy n releasing my stress. (psst, hitting the ball to the wall is a hell good method in letting go ur stress esp if u feel like punching somebody’s head. Hahaha…) Well, I enjoy having a TT session with frenz after work but it kinda leaves me with a series of guilty-ness for leaving my kids at the nursery for that long while I berjimba ngan kwn2 (n consistently looking at my watch) n not forgetting paying extra for the teachers’ OTs. It feels sgt xbest! Hohoho… at least, squasy-ing wont leave me with that feelings, well, I can bring the kids along n watch me squasy-ing. That will be a great idea :)

Of my unfinished businesses

I completed my 1st masterpiece, in which, I made a quilt set for Iman n Ilham, each. Iman loves it n often say that the quilt is hers n I shudnt use it. Hahaha… Ilham still very young to show his expression, so just assume he loves it too. Aci x?

So, my nx project is making nursing covers for my close ones. (once u get it, u’ll know that u r among my close ones… winkwink)

N that’s another reason why I need to be home soon enough. I’m just half way in making sure that I’d settled down n just re-started my project. Doakan saya sempat siap b4 I start working!!

Another project of mine is to scrutinize thousands of my photos n select those that need to be printed. N to re-organize our documents n have a proper documentation i.e. insurance, monthly bills, house records, car records etc. N to sort out n discard Iman’s n Ilham clothes yg dah xmuat. N to publish all scarves n shawls n cottons in the blog n fb n start selling again. N to post the backdated stories that I’ve yet to post. N to let go my 3rd wisdom tooth. N the list just go on n on...

N now u tell me where can I find the time to do all that!?

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