Saturday, May 28, 2011

Empat tahun lah~~

but i'm not in the mood to get mushy2 this yr. i'm happy coz alhamdulillah we've reached our 4th graceful year. it has always been sth that i've been waiting for when it comes to new year. every year. but i'll be happier if we weren't kilometres apart. the fact that i had to let Papa go for his 2 weeks business trip n hence, had to leave elder 2 in ipoh with Atuk n Opah, left me with the toughest situation. if i were to explain, i'll break down n cry , i swear. whether we've made the right step or not, let's just let Allah decide. n i just pray for the best for us.

Of course, i have Iffah with me n of course, it is a lot easier to take care of Iffah alone. but i already got used to the kids' noises, me shrieking at Iman not to hit Ilham (n shriek to Ilham too, not to hit Iman), telling them to behave, having a chat with Iman, getting updates of her school, excitedly call Ilham everytime we hear the sound of heli passes by, Ilham playing with his noisy toys n not forgetting hearing them crying after they had their fight n how they make my life up side down. hahaha.. Sume2 lah.. Yes, noise pollution exist in my house. but i just luv it. n without it makes me feel miserable n blank n miserable n blank again. Silence in the house is absolutely weird. n me not talking is even weirder!

let's just say, i shud beware of what i wish for. No, i didnt wish them to be away. i never did. but i just wish i had the time to finish up my unfinished businesses, as i'd mentioned in my last post. n now i hav all the time in the world to complete it. but still, i just dont hav the urge to do so. the only thing that i managed to do is to finish up my nursing cover projects. that's it.

oh, i feel so empty. Iffah does cheer me up while she's awake. n there r times where i disturbed her while she was sound asleep coz i was just too bored. Sorry, dear!

i wish time flies very fast. cant wait to meet the elder 2 on monday. cant wait to meet Papa on friday. n then i'll get mushy2, ok?!... hahahaha... n perhaps arrange sth for to celebrate our meet up day!!! family outing? picnic? head for kopok lekor, satar n air kelapa will be nice :)

yes, i'll drag u Papa, despite ur jetlags... hohoho

on a different note, my brother just got married last week. woho... me still adapting myself with the new changes. new edition, new phase as i can clearly feel that i'm aging. serious. i mean, he used to be a very young boy, who indulged himself with his bicycle (wearing my uncle's helmet n using Abah's sock as his gloves), lacy, ps1, tom clancy n now is someone's husband.? i looked at his wedding piccas (tagged by the photographer in fb) n i just cant believe that's him n his wife. gosh, i am old!

Thanx Mel for comin'!!! She was about to leave n we totally forgotten to snap our picca n sanggup patah balik n had our shots :)

owh! we finally celebrated Iman's 3rd Bday! clapclapclap...
it was 1 month belated but we managed to make it happened. alhamdulillah. frankly, i was not really satisfied with how McD organized the event, which i dont think i want to recall what it was. but what will remain in my heart is how happy Iman was. she has been asking about her bday cake everyday n when the time comes she was very excited. she agreed on what to wear (oh, she's 1 fussy fella when it comes to clothing). she followed every instruction. when we arrived, she was amazed with the balloons n she was very well cooperative. when we sang her the bday song, she smiled all the way n couldnt actually believe that people actually sing her a bday song!. yg lg syahdunye, she was very happy throughout the party n smilingly told kak nab 'byk org dtg bday iman'. oh, i'm flattered :) yes, kids are very innocent, arent they?

Cheerful Kakak with her best buddy

there u go. so many events happened in 2 weeks. hey, i shud be talking bout my anni but i guess i've been squezzing all the updates in 1 post. maybe i shud name it random rambling instead.

me signing off while counting the days. cheers~


puterinuraqiliah said...

still x sempat nak tgk ur new born baby girl. haisssshhh=,=..

Em's Family said...

Che ah.. first of all.. Happy Anniversary to u..

and.. Ya Allah. Che Ah.. i didnt know u have just delivered.. and congrats!!..

im_an_ibu said...

Qiliah, insyaAllah we'll meet 1 day :)

Mira, thanx! Its ok, i dah makin jarang update blog. Ni pon i gagahkan jugak since i've been owing myself with lotsa updates. Huhu


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