Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday

Having the time to do what i've been wishing for whilst knowing that the kids are well taken care of n join the bliss is sth that i truly need to be grateful for. Albeit we are far from families, we are also far from hectic life. Well at least, i'm cherishing our life 'ere b4 it comes to an end. No more whining, perhaps! Haha..


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Weekend Getaway

Its a long story. Making it short, right after the announcement, i've been googling high n low for the perfect place for our weekend getaway, somewhere in the east coast as we just want to spend time with the kids n celebrate our anni. (I'd even told eeja, that we might goin to KB n plan to pay her a visit n i'd been daydreaming bout the getaway like seriously, i tell u)

But l8r that very evening, we'd ended up booking.......

N we'd stayed 'ere....

which has its own....

N i'm plain happy, ibu!

She's one happy fella yg kept on asking us bile nakgi hotel. We travelled very early in the morning so that we can maximize our time there.

We stopped at R&R Dengkil for our early lunch

N the minute we arrived, the elder 2 jumped into the pool till they raised their hands up. No, until we dragged them out off the pool. Hohoho....

Filling up their tummies

Private pool had really made us hooked up in the room. In fact, we dined in!

This is kewl, Ibu!

N we shud come 'ere again, rite abang?

Next morning, we made an effort to go to the beach although not much time left.

Ilham lazying around but not for long

as he needs to give way for Lil' Iffah...

Owh, on our way back, we found...

Newly hatched baby turtle for the 1st time ever. N Papa came to the rescue n saved baby turtle from being eaten by the crows. Clapclapclap...

Soon, we rushed back to this moment again....

N another moment of dragging the elder 2 off the pool.

Aaaahhh.... 1 nite is not enuf. We just wished the rooms were not fully booked... :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesday, anyone?

Papa fwded this cutting earlier this morning. Sounds familiar? Teehee... I've yet to read the content as i cant find the article online.

Speaking of it, we, as in Tganu peeps, are granted with extra public holiday this coming Sunday. N thus, we, as in 5 of us, shall be going for a weekend getaway. InsyaAllah... N thats the thought of living life to the fullest. Hihihi

P/s: thanx for the public holiday tp nape 1 day je? We won FA Cup n Sukma, what? Pfttt


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It’s a love story n baby please say……

YESSSS…… Haha… Just so u know, we celebrated our anni right after Papa arrived. Okla, tipu. Not exactly after Papa touched down. We need to let him pass his jetlags or else, we’ll be celebrating with a zombie. Huhuhu…

My plan? A night stay in Kuantan so that we can spend our precious time with the kids after being separated for weeks. Yerp, I sounded exaggerating but kasi canla, it has been a very tough one n I need to reward all of us in the family. Eceh.

But superpeak season envied us to the extent that all rooms are fully booked. Thus, we ended up with a day trip to Kuantan and on our way back, we stopped at Awana for our anni dinner. Oh, not many options available in Kertih for a fine dining. Heck, not so much of a fine dininng for us pon but a proper dine out with the kids will do. N this place has witness our annual event kot since there’s no other proper place to be n the western food had never turned us down. Steamboat n Asian cuisines are kinda so-so, though. But Kak Iman still opt for her kuey teow. She kept on asking for it while we were in the car. She is a mirror of Papa, u bet.

So, ape yg love storynye? Xdela ape. But the fact that seeing Iman with her talkativ-ity plus her dearly neverending ‘kenapa?’, Ilham showing his cutey-cheeky-witty action, running here n there exploring places n trying to get our attention while Iffah who’d been sleeping most of the time but all of us felt very geram seeing her asleep, very cuddly n chubby, I’m blessed. N the fact we’d spent our time together with so much love n laughter n happiness. Those are priceless.
The girls
The boys

Nway, Papa, Happy 4th Anniversary!

Luv u so much n looking forward for our great days ahead.


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