Sunday, July 3, 2011



Ladies, u’ll be a god-d*mn liar if u say u don’t. Who doesn’t?

The truth is
It is a therapy for me. It really does.
I only shop annually.
I never shop unnecessarily.
I always have a rough figure at the back of my mind on the amount to spend.
I hav a list of things to grab, in which more than 90% of the items are not belong to me, in which I do not really shop for myself.
I only splurge on my kids’ stuff n that’s it. N that’s fine.
Once I meet my base KPIs, I’ll stop. No, I do not go for stretch or yield KPIs.

I can’t compromise n simply annoyed if somebody or something mess up my therapy session n my therapy mood.
Afterall, it’s my annual event, not bi-annually, not quarterly, not monthly n not even weekly. So, please, just don’t kill my mood. Thank you


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