Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Rambling in Ramadhan

Got lots of things to scribble but time is my greatest enemy. Crap, that’s all that u can say. My work is so piling up, which is very rare to happen during Ramadhan. Since I join this company, Ramadhan usually became a slow month, but not this year. I started panicking since the 1st week as I have 4 ongoing projects n I definitely do not want them to ruin my Eid. Seriously NO. Well, I’d managed to get it done a portion of it, but another project came in n I was like ^&^$#%#%*(*.

Man, this year my Ramadhan had been the most challenging one, so far. I’d recalled that we used to be very relaxed previously. No submissions, no datelines. Heaven.

Oh, this is very near. He’s been asking bout it. N there was 1 nite, he even altered the Siti Fairuz song to suit his request for bday prezzie. Stressful as it is.

One of my frens suggested to start collect RM1 per day till his bday (not knowing that his bday is within a month time). So, I’ll end up with less than RM30 for his bday prezzie. Well, at least there’s sth, rite Papa?. :PPP

I think I’d skipped giving him prezzie for 2 years in a row, as I was preggy back then. Gedit? No? The baby in my tummy is his bday prezzie. But that reason is so not valid for this year. Yeah…

I’ve been tiptoeing while bloghopping. That’s the only way for me to de-stress myself in a short span. Oh, I shud scratch that. Recite Quran is a much better remedy to de-stress, no?
Nway, my point is, having an oven will be a great added advantage. I can cook health food for the family. Just prepare the ingredients, mix it up n grill/bake or whatever. (sounds like catching up with the easy parts je rather than the health part) xkesahla, but I do want an oven. Hurm, what does that has to do with bloghopping? Sbb I bloghopped at cooking blogs n found recipes after recipes, (easy recipes I would say). N most of the recipes are either for grilling or baking. So, saya nak oven.

One of my batch mate passed away. Yes, in this holy month. Another batch mate passed away in this holy month as well, about 7 yrs ago. Due to same illness, cancer. It’s sad. Very sad. But I’m happy for them. No more battle with the chemo thingy n they left in Ramadhan. Who wouldnt want that? Al-Fatihah.

I wish I can join the excitement soon enuf. But I just cant focus rite now. At this moment of time, things that I want to jot down are endless. I want to rite all. But I’m in a rush. All things are packed in the car. Waiting for Papa to fetch the kids at 4 n fetch me at 4.30 n shoot to KL. Gosh, how I miss my parents so much. Just cant wait to see their expression seeing us driving into the porch.

I think I better stop. I wish to write bout my kids. I wish to write bout my Ramadhan. I wish to write about people around me. But my words are all jumbled up.

Selamat Hari Raya n Maaf Zahir Batin, peeps!!!!



schazzy said...

che ah: i can sense the serabut-ness there..hang in there, babe..we're in the same boat..only i got lucky cos my deadline is exactly a week before cuti raya (hence, the shopping and whatnot last weekend)..but before that stressful yg amat..tetiap hari rasa nak berenti keje..hehehe..papepun after raya will be busy time until december..and yes, i got lucky again cos ada maternity leave but it actually add a bit more stres cos i need to finish all by mid November lorrr...huhu..papeun, enjoy your raya..dont think abt office..have a nice relaxing break for this one week..u deserve it!!

p/s: prsent utk alham bole bg pet..kalau RM30 bole beli beberape ekor kura2..cute jugak :)

im_an_ibu said...

Shaz, i br je siap keje n now in kl oredi. Sgt haywire this as i cant find the time for real packing. So many things that we left behind. Just imagine, we left our camera at home. Hohoho. Kene tumpang2 camera or just use our phones. Huhuhu

P/s: a pet will be nice. Tp takut end up i yg kene jage. Huhuhu


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