Monday, August 1, 2011

Sometimes, its good to unplan…

Or, we may call it last minute plan.

But in any case like this, we shudn’t expect much. Just hoping everything goes smoothly and all of us are happy.

When Papa touched down, the idea of another weekend getaway popped up in his mind. N of course, I got panic coz we need to pack things up less than an hour! Huhuhu…

We didn’t go far. Very near to our home, indeed. We went to…


On that very late evening, we drove there, n searching for budget chalet just like backpackers. But unlike backpackers, our car is almost full with our stuffs. Teehee…

We had our simple but scrumptious late dinner… Oh, sgtla mouthwatering. (snap that off, puase2)

We went for raya shoppings, evening photoshoots, sunbathing, sandcastling n swimming.

Both of 'em got a watch. Sgtla bergaya, ok! :p

Ilham: did u follow the steps that i taught u, Papa?

The last day b4 we checked out was a blast!!!

We had to buy these again as we dunno where did we put the old ones. Huhuhu

I need to recharge b4 i start to splash. (note: we bought new mat as well)

This boy can just walk across the water like nobody's biz. Brave boy.

N this girl, who was not in gud terms with Mr Beach b4, had confessed that they r now BFFs. Hahaha...

Masinla, Ibu

Phewww… Never thought it was so much fun n we totally got carried away that the sun was exactly on our heads.

A lot of new discovery for the kids. Thanx Papa for the unplanned :))

One happy kid, smiling while her elder 2 were soundly asleep...

Note: as we had to re-buy several beach accesories, we'd improved our system. We packed the mat, sandcastle utensils, floats in 1 bag so that we r always ready for any unplanned in future. Just grab the bag n out we go!!!!


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E`n1x said...

good idea, the prepacking i mean.


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