Monday, September 26, 2011

Let’s kill 2 birds at a time, or 3 perhaps…

I wanna blog bout these…

Our Labuan Trip

We went to Labuan again. Well, let’s just say it will be our annual balik-kampung event for the nx 3 yrs or so. N yes, it’s our 1st flight trip with Iffah. 2 adults to handle a pre-schooler, a toddler and an infant. 1st time will always be the toughest one, I guess. Moreover, all of us were not physically fit for travelling. Papa with eye infection, Iman with her cough, the feverish Ilham with running nose, Iffah with her flu n me with sore throat n cough. But we hav to proceed nway.

I’ve been aiming for soto manikar. Been craving for it for the past 3 yrs. Been craving for it during my last 2 pregnancies. N never stop craving it eversince. N I didn’t manage to get it as it was closed, throughout our entire stay. Frustrated as it is.

Well, that was not our main intention nway. N now that I’m training myself not to let anything to spoil my day, I’d pass with that. I was happy to see how my kids happily meet their grandparents, n sgtla mengada2 with them, I tell u.

Apart from meeting our family, Labuan is a place to reminisce our hard times living apart. I love Labuan, as much as I loathe it. That’s the fact. Now that the challenging time had passed, I don’t think it was so bad. N the friendship always remains. We got the opportunity to meet my ex-colleagues n it was so cool. I’d enjoyed that company. It was short but at least there was sth. Although our plan to eat soto manikar with Sue n Fitri n lil’ Izz was cancelled, we had our great chats at their home n by the beach. Although we met Za n Mastura for a short while, it was great. Although we had only an hr lunch with Emma, Kenny n Zul for, it was great. One of my concerns for resigning was, afraid that I lost my friends but Alhamdulillah, I was wrong. We had our good catch ups. I wish Shaz, Naja, Yati n Zid were there. I wish I had more! :P

Of course, I prefer not to share what I loathe about Labuan. But surprisingly, when the flight started to take off, I was so sad to leave Labuan. That was where my career starts. That was where I spent my bachelor life to the fullest. That was where I learnt to be independent and be on my feet. That was where I found the love of my life. N that was the beginning of my marriage life. Bliss.

Our Makan2…

I cooked for our small open house, for the 1st time. Nasi lemak, lontong, soto n kuah kacang. Alhamdulillah all went well. Sedap ke x, need to ask Papa as he’s the food tester n commentor. Most of the guests were quite shocked that I cooked by myself. But the credit shud go to Papa as well, for handling the kids and my maid for the preparation and kendara. The preparations really took ages, with the entire cleaning, chopping, slicing, decorating etc, not forgetting our last minute shopping for the cookwares. Hahahaha… Cooking is just easy peasy lemon squezzy, if u just follow the recipes. Owh, thanx to Mr Google for the lontong recipes!

N u bet about the kendara. The exhaustion is still around n now that Iffah was on high fever lastnite, plus her sleepless nite, I’m turning into a zombie now. But I’m happy with the turn ups. Oh, oh, forgot to ask Papa whether he was happy with the whole thing or not. Hahaha…

Our Big Sis’s Farewell

We had to bid farewell to our big sis, Kak Zan as she’ll be leaving for another better career opportunity. We are happy and sad at the same time. Now that she’s already left, but I can still feel that she’s at her workstation now.

The same goes to Mek Noor. Although she already left for over year, we can still feel her presence in our office.

Let’s just say friendship remains and never can end :)

P/S: owh, I’m so fail when it comes to photograph-ing. I didn’t snap any photo with my frens in Labuan. I didn’t snap any photo of my dishes. I didn’t snap any photo with Kak Zan. Why lar it is so hard for me to do all those???



Zealda,Nisa dan Khar Mee said...

Cik ah, wish I could join u all too! ur writings on Labuan was like bringing out my inner thoughts.I really missed our good old days in labuan and soto manikar too for sure!
I'm not so gud in writing but u made it for me..menumpang hasil karya org..hihi

im_an_ibu said...

Hehehe, no prob zid! :)

light of our life said...

Just yesterday that i look back at our group picture by the beach lepas main baling selipar. we had such a great time. and today i read your entry on labuan. is it my turn now to miss labuan?


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