Tuesday, October 11, 2011

N I rest my case.....

Papa is extremely excited with RWC2011. He'd been planning to go there since last yr but we had to cancel it as to welcome our lil' Iffah. (n i never regret that, my lil chubby darling)

But, I know he still wishes that he can go there n watch. Oh, its ok when he wore All Black jersey during the opening. But when he did the same to Ilham, i was like 'hmm, ok'. He took a day of on Sunday just to watch the match. (okla, n to do some document housekeeping). But he missed the quarter finals due to awaiting meetings at the office n I'm happy *big grin.

Okla, so i suggested

He was so excited n came home early that day. N start googling. I was excited too coz we can go jalan2. But, not for long.

He suggested that only boys go. Only boys go to NZ. Ilham n him plus his fren n son. Haish, haish. N pulling faces session starts. All the way. Haha.

It continued to the nx day while in the office. N my respond was.

I want that in return. LOL!!!!! Hahaha....

At home, he brought up the issue again. *pulling face n not interested.

But, but, but.....

The match clashes with his cousin's wedding!!!!! N i rest my case :)

Oh, i lap u Nasyrah. Weeeee~~~

P/s: Papa, we'll go nx time ye. InsyaAllah. Oh, ALL of us ye. Ngee....



eeja said...

Hehe..thanks to his cousin;) pandai pilih tarikh kawen..kihkih
I am watching RWC with the boys..koi start cuak since a few days nak tgk game ni, as if dia plak player; huhu...next 4 yrs, kita gi, set??

im_an_ibu said...

Eeja, set!!! Kalo the boys want to go without the girls, we proceed with our plan. Hahaha

eeja said...

Finally it's over..kids can conquer back the tv, kihkih

im_an_ibu said...

Hahaha... Alhamdulillah.... :)


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