Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nanti semut datang

While peeling limau madu, Papa mentioned that the smell of the skin can release stress. So, there n then we tore it into small pieces n scattered it on our beds as our aromatheraphy.

Later, I took Iman to the toilet n once done, I noticed that all of the pieces were no longer there. Every single pieces of it.

Ibu: aik, mane sume kulit limau ibu?
Iman: Iman dah buang
Ibu: Huh? Nape Iman buang?
Iman: Nanti semut datang....
Ibu: (gulp)

I wasnt satisfied n asked Papa if he did ask her to do it. N no, he didnt.

N again she repeated 'nanti semut dtg jadi Iman buangla!'
I'd checked in the bin n yes, I found the masterpiece.

Papa said its leadership by example. Haha...

Ok, big sista! :)




putput said...

iman..iman.. HAHAHAHAHAHA
dah besar iman ni^^

zaihah said...

tomei nye iman..that means what have been taught melekat kat kepala dia..jgn buang mkanan or sisa merata nanti semut dtg..

im_an_ibu said...

Qiliah, meknoor, tekejut kdg2 knowing that those words come from her. Huhuhu


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