Sunday, October 9, 2011

Their affections

He can spot cats everywhere. N birds too. Owh, helis, planes. An observant just like Iman. N he prefers to get connected with cats, personally.

We do let kids touch animals. We even encouraged them. But I dont think having a pet is an option. Not at the moment. Sorry kids.

But we do welcome any sort of animals in our house. 'Animals' I mean. We hav bears, a dolphine, a cat, a garoo, butterflies, a sheep etc etc etc.

Iman especially, shows her affection towards 'em. She feeds Sheep sometimes. N she can be miserable if Sheep is not around.

N two mornings ago, when I came back from my groceries, she nicely placed Sheep in Iffah’s diaper change n told me ‘Sheep sleep’.


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