Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I created a tumblr account

Coz I believe I can write anything anywhere in a short span. Shaz said I shud go for it if it means she can get frequent updates.

But I failed. It’s like having the latest gadgets which can help u in million ways but a gadget will remain a gadget if u don’t use it. So does my tumblr. N, I decided to stick to this blog n just keep on updating. Eventhough it’s only a sentence.

I managed to post several entries after that n I went silent for weeks. Call me Hangat2 tahi ayam.

Nway, I need to do what I got to do, what I want to do. To update bout what’s up n what’s down as I’m kinda forgetful nowadays, very forgetful at times n I don’t want to forget every single piece of my life.

Iman is super duper talkative n really behave but cheeky sometimes. I’m so proud of her for being such a lovely sister, giving gud example to the younger 2, especially Ilham as he likes to follow his sister’s action. She always gimme a hand whenever I ask for it. But she still wants to be cuddled, hugged, kissed n praised. Well, kids, who wouldn’t want that.

She took care of her soft toys; sheep, bears, camel, etc. but only one at a time. She fed her ‘babies’, bathe, put them to sleep.

Sheep is on high fever so she put a plaster on its forehead. Owh yes, sheep was eye-shadowed by her. :)

My boy, just like his sister, is cheeky too n witty in action. He loves to take my fon n start video-recording n laugh out loud. Clumsy as well!! Hahaahah… very adventurous, of course. But need to accept that he’s an accident-prone boy. U can find several swollen spot on his forehead, which I really regret most. I so wish that I can cover his head with rugby head gear. Serious. Owh, he loves to do haka n he carries his football everywhere, just like a rugby player.

Note his swollen forehead.

But his smile really melts my heart. N he says ‘nak’ to every single food the he sees. Hohohoh…

Ilham can almost talk n convey his messages now n can be relied on too. N sometimes I can see him converse with Iman n I was like ‘awwww, so sweet’. They can be the best buddies, share everything n play together but can also turn our home up side down in a minute.

Best buddies eating hardboiled eggs after finishing their halfboiled eggs.

Best buddies eating choc.

Iffah is 8 MO now. I think she grows very fast. Babbles when she’s happy or in gud mood. N she crawls. Clingy as I cant allow myself to pass in front of her if I’m in the midst of doing sth or else, she'll scream her lungs out. I hav to sneak in my own house!

The clingy boolat :)

Always wants to be cuddled but wants to be freed as well. She can be the victim of her elder 2, as Iman loves to pinch her cheeks while Ilham loves to sit on her just like how he loves to sit on Papa. Poor Iffah. She wants to taste and eat anything that I’m having. She’s still breastfeeding n my supply is reduced. So, she takes solid food more than twice a day.

Oh, things to talk about them are endless!!!


makngah amnie said...

owh thank you for updating...no wonder i didn't see any new post made tho...huuu~ i enjoy reading it...laughing n smiling here n there...i like d part where iman put plaster on her sheep...comeljee...huuu rinduuuu semuaaa...keep on posting!;)

im_an_ibu said...

Owh, amnie, sheep is one of her best buddies. Kalo mood baik, sheep is her bestest buddies! Hahhaha... There r times yg sheep was neglected. Hehehe...


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