Saturday, December 17, 2011

It’s a blessing in disguise

Our maid left. After serving us for a year. She’s pregnant and then she ran away with her husband. Only Allah knows what I felt. Relief, anger, sympathy, sad, happy, u name it. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, for the past 1 week. A lot. N it appears in my dreams, one of the times. I just couldn’t figure out what we did wrong n where. Our relationship was smooth, we respect each other, help each other. If she made mistakes, she apologized, if I made mistakes, I apologized too.
N after a week of disappearance, she sms-ed us saying how sorry she was for leaving us abruptly. N I guessed it’d cleared all the doubt that I have. As what we’d thought, the husband is the culprit. I’m not gonna spoil my mood or even my entry thinking bout it.
She’s such a nice person that I’ve known. She took good care of the house n the kids, when I requested too.
N now she’d left, I never regret for sending the kids to the nursery eventhough she was around to take care of them. I’m not having such a hard time now. It’s just the house chores that I need to deal with, again. (Just feel like bragging to those who'd been saying that my maid just goyang kaki at home coz i send my kids to the nursery. I got my reasons for sending my kids to the nursery, listen to the experts once in a while, will u?)
N now she’d left, I never regret for having her for the past 1 yr. She had done a very good job in making our home in place n now we just need to maintain it.
N now she’d left, I never regret her presence that I’d learnt a lot from her in terms of managing chores n tackling kids.
N now she’d left, I never regret that she’s pregnant. There are some voices whom kinda blaming us for not forcing her to take any contraceptive method. She is so kind n she deserve to have her own kids. I’m happy that she’s pregnant. I really do. At least I’m not carrying the dosa of stopping her to have kids.
N now she’d left, we’d gained back our privacy life.
N now she’d left, we’d had a lot of matured discussion in terms of managing our life, putting everything in place.
N now she’d left, we had more family time. We do chores together, we bathe the kids, co-eating with them, play with them more often than we used to.
The only thing that I regret is the way she left us. I always dreamt of having such a nice farewell. But I don’t blame her. She’s just doing her job as a loyal wife. I blamed the culprit. Blueeeeekk!!
I know she’s not reading this, but I really thank her for what she had done to us. No hard feelings.


Em's Family said...

che ah, i know how it felt when the maid ran away especially when we treated her very well.. i experienced it once, and i tak malu i cakap, i cried i think at least few days cos i felt betrayed. but after thinking about it few times, at least she didnt ran away with Emir, neither that, she left me with a feeling that I majikan yang jahat..

but after that, life is even better until now.. alhamdulillau.. it was blessing in disguise :)

schazzy said...

sedih baca your entry while imagining myself as the maid. she was lucky she had u as her employer :)) i believe she must have enjoyed her time working for your family. InsyaAllah, segala urusan ur family from now on akan lebih dipermudahkan.

zaihah said...

I met her 1st impression on her was good oso that what you have told, husband dia yg teruk kan!! was very lucky when you choosed to send your children to the nursery kan!!..its ok, I truely believe that you can be a wanita besi..chaiyok2 che ah..

E`n1x said...

may everything go smoothly for all of us.

im_an_ibu said...

mira, really? i really regret at first but after a while i kept telling myself, Allah has better plan for us :)

shaz, insyaAllah. Thanx! but her things are still around plus her passport, so i'm kinda being 'haunted' by that. perhaps its time for us to move out!!! hahahaha...

meknoor, thanx!! i'm still struggling. Very hard!!!! hahahahah...

lily, i'll pray the same as well. i'll take this as just some hiccups in our lives. so that we become more mature years after years :)


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