Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reminiscing my final year of being twenties…

Thank you… thank you…

December 2011 is the most hectic birthday month ever, for me. I was excited when we’re about to enter 1st December, which I dunno exactly why. Perhaps becoz Papa had bought my birthday gift in advance. Hahaha…

N a week b4 my bday, our maid left n thus, leave us with a relatively stress situation. So we decided to have our break in KL n stay in any hotel that we want (note: since we got maid, if we were to go to KL n tag her along, we opted to stay in service apartment rather than hotel) n do anything that we want n we kept on saying to ourselves that we can survive. Yupps, we were pretty much in a state of denial. Hahahaha!

Counting the cars

She's trying to put bear to sleep just the way i put her to sleep

The tired abang

We went everywhere. We shopped, had good dine-out and had my pre-bday treat!!! Wink2~~

Pre-Bday treat :)

n the kids had their space to laze around :)

N another hectic birthday week after that as Wan, Mak Ngah n Pak Su came down to Kertih. But they ended up help me out with the chores. Hohohoo!!!!

N Papa recorded a birthday video performed by Iman n Ilham which had really flattered me!!! They stayed up till 12 midnite for this vid, ok! N posted it in FB.

N next morning, Iman refused to go to school coz she wants to get me a birthday cake. So, Pa
pa bought another cake for the birthday girl. N the birthday girl got wishes-after-wishes from her SIL. Hahahaha…

Just nice for all of us. Whole cake will be too much. 

N later that nite Iman cried again, dgn tersedu2 just becoz she wanted a birthday cake too. I said we shared the cake n she said, ‘No, Papa ckp tu kek Ibu’. Hahahahhaa… She still doesn’t understand what birthday actually is. Cute.

N we started to pack for our long vacations, going to north n south. North for a wedding n south for family vacation.  A day b4 the wedding, while Papa spent his time pampering his car, me n the kids followed Atuk n Opah to their orchard for some local fruits. It was great as Atuk took us up to the hill n see the almost half of Ipoh. :)

U can view half of Ipoh from Atuk's Orchard 

Rambutan picking

But we just stayed in the car sbb byk nyamuk. Spoil kids!!! hahahaha

The nx day, my cousins got married n no caterings… yerp, home cooked food. Salute2~~

Busy catching up, with their own activities

My 1st smocking gown made by Opah :)

Br lps kene pujuk

We went straight to Seremban after the wedding for our South journey. To south, we went to JPO (wrong planning, we shudnt go on weekends), Wan Teh's n Spore n return home via Mersing. 

Stop for breakfast @ Ayer Keroh

Mak Ngah being ambush by the kids for ice-creams

Queuing up for cable car ride

Stop at Mersing for lunch

A whole new adventure, new discovery for us. It was a long stretch of journey but it was fun. The kids were happy n wish it didn’t end. But they also glad that they got the chance to meet their playroom again. :)

Another 2 days of school n off for my office's family day.

Boss tecik

N after the event we had our unplanned private birthday party for abang in the playroom. We did some last minute deco n it was splendid. The kids just enjoyed it very much.

I'm turning 2!!

He conquered his cake

N made his own facial scrub ;ppp

We shud be celebrating his bday this weekend in KL but had to cancel it due Papa's 3 weeks assignment. :((( Luckily MakSu is here to help me out. Otherwise, my life will be haywire!!

Other than that, I'm plain happy!!!

See u nx yr!!!


Em's Family said...

panjang entry ni che ah.. anyway, enjoy yang last 2 numbers .. im going to 3 in just 3 months :(

E`n1x said...

happy birthday you ;)

Emy said...

cute la gambar ilham yg cam boss tu..muka serius sambil tangan dlm poket..hihihi

eeja said...

also gmbar ilham with full of facial-scrub, hehe. Cute!

im_an_ibu said...

Mira, dun worry. Age is just a number. :)

Lily, thanx!

Emy n eeja, cik abang tu mmg pandai buat gaya2 gitu. Heheeh


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