Thursday, January 26, 2012

I need to think about me

Is my new year’s resolution. Hope it’s not too late for any, though. Well, I’m reaching 30, urm, well, not that soon but I need to start thinking about me now. What I always love doing, my interest, n things around that, for a living perhaps.

I do enjoy my work. I love it. But doing engineering design all year round, dealing with plant improvements, constructions, meeting clients’ demands, cracking my heads with the detail calculations n deadlines are very extremely definitely tiring. I love it, I really do, but I’m just not that vigorous. Aah, maybe I’m getting old. Being in a career line is not really my cup of tea, eventhough, I enjoy it to bits. It’s not the pay that I’m running for, but to work in this line till I retire is something that I don’t think I’ll be doing. Being a professional engineer is not an option, I guess. (matila, ade org marah pasni)

I’m not that ambitious. I don’t want to be a career mom. But I love what I’m doing. I want to stay at home but not for long. Yes, I sounded very selfish. Maybe I am.

N so, that’s my this year’s resolution; to think about me n what I really2 want to be in life. I need to chart my career path. My career as in as a mother n as a human being, so that I’ll benefit othes as well. I’d charted my career path previously, n that has brought me to the situation where I switched from my not-so-fond-of-but-only-my-colleagues-that-keep-me-going job at that Fortune 500 Company, to this i-truly-enjoy job.

Nway, let’s re-chart my career path.

Uhuk2, it sounds very elaborative n too good to be true (oh, I’m so pessimist!) but I need to get it done.

Keyla, keyla. I’ll set another easier+achievable resolution. Main tipu sket, which is to rajin2kan tgn utk meninggalkan comments at my blogger frens entries. Frens, I’m seriously, not lying, to tell u that I’m dying to leave comments at ur exciting entries but I’m a very- extremely slow in typing at my phone. Lame, very lame, I know. I cant access blogger via my lappy, thus, I cant comment via my lappy. But hey, I do read ur entries from my phone. I really2 do.

Cut the crap, n so I’ll improve myself this year by leaving more comments to ur entries till u muntah ijau. ;p insyaAllah

Painting would be nice :)

P/S: for my 1st resolution, I hope I’m not going to be a jack of all trades, master at none. Hahaha!

Just wake me up once u r done with ur thinking k, Ibu. But not too long ya.

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schazzy said...

what?? we're going to be 30 this year?? uhukk. time to get serious abt everything now! sblm ni asyik main2 je. n yup careerwise pun ive already started thinking abt where i'll be in the next 5 yrs (ive always hated when ppl ask me that kind of questions before becos masa tu terasa i'm still too young to worry abt it. huahua)

so lets get serious on our resolutions (but still have fun while doing them)

oh yea, my reso is actually to find a hobby. x jumpe lg.. hihihi. 11 months left to fulfill it. :p

im_an_ibu said...

Nx 5 yrs u gonna be 35, shaz!!!! Hahaha, saje nak provoke. Gosh, i feel old! N that feeling keeps on coming to from time to time. Huhuhu


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