Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kids always say the darndest things

My kids can simply make me clueless. Yesterday Iman told me that once we get out from toilet, we need to recite the doa. N she started to tell story why we need to recite the doa because of the kakak syaitan n blablabla n I just enjoyed her story telling.

After that I asked, ‘kalo nak masuk toilet, kene bace ape?’

N she answered, ‘errr, Quran’


Few days ago, she watched the news n she was curious what happened to the guy in the news n asked her MakSu,

Iman: MakSu, nape org tu?

MakSu: Org tu sakit.

Iman: Nape die sakit?

MakSu: Urm, sbb die sakitla.

Iman: Nape die sakit yg sakit?

MakSu: *speechless

Oh, she really focus when watching tv n asked sooo manye questions.


Singing used to be Iman’s fav activity but now has shifted to Ilham… sometimes he wants to sing alone, sometimes he only wants me to sing for him, sometimes he wants all of us to sing together. It ranges from Maher Zain, any zikir up to his school nursery rhymes. Among his favorite is InsyaAllah n Papaku Pulang, which he calls it Pulang. Oh, he just luv that song.

There was one day Ilham asked for milk while I was feeding Iffah. N I told him, ‘kejap ye, sket lg Ibu buat, InsyaAllah’

N he said, ‘no, nak Pulangggg’

N he forgot about the milk n I started to sing the Pulang song for him.


Those r several conversations that I can remember so far. If I were to jot down every single conversation from them, I’ll be scripwriter by then! hahahah… - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


E`n1x said...

cute! kids kan? they irritate you, but always find a way to amaze you =)

btw, update ur background, i keep getting that annoying '...has been moved or deleted' photobucket image smack in the middle of your blog page =P

im_an_ibu said...

Hahaha... Thanx for telling me that. Will find the time to explore n change my layout. Thanx!!!!

papa said...

bgtau ilham "papa ku pulang" tak lama lg ye... :)


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