Monday, March 5, 2012

Another year has come and gone. Older n wiser?

Yes, indeed. N i cant simply remember all.

My mom had adviced us to celebrate our birthdays according to Islamic month. She got her points and we said why not. So, starting this year, we started looking at the calendar n mark those days. N it will be our yearly routine after this n i hope it will last. Sounds difficult but it is cool, actually. Looking back at how we memorize the Islamic month, from Muharam up to Zulkaedah, just like how we memorize January to December during schooldays.

Nway, so we celebrated Iffah birthday's earlier than the normal birthday, which again it was cool as it was the day that Papa left for Oman. It was on 30th Rabiul Awal. Well, at least Papa didnt missed Iffah's 1st birthday. We didnt celebrate much as we were quite tight in getting everything in place before Papa left. We promise gonna celebrate ur birthday once Papa's home, ok my chubby dear?

So, whats up with Iffah? Of course a year older and wiser. At 1 angle, i think she's growing to fast but at another angle, i think we might not comparing apple to apple. We cant simply compare her with our talkative Iman nor our funny Ilham. Each child is unique. She loves making faces like reaaalllllly making faces. Gosh, even her teachers said the same. She pretends crying if we scolded her, she imitates if Ilham cries or even laughs when she sees him crying. She eats a lot n just wants to munch anything but she can be picky at times. N where did she get all those?

Showing her cheeky face

Owh, she's yet to walk. Just a step or two at the moment. But she can sleep by herself!!! Weehuu!! Not like Iman as she still wants me to put her to sleep or in other words, put us to sleep. Haish...

Speaking of Iman, she turns 4 today!!!! Today as in 11 Rabiul Akhir. Cool, just 11 days from Iffah's birthday. It makes my job easier as since Iffah's birthday, she keep asking me when is her turn n she starts imagining her dream birthday party. She describes her balloon cake and how the celebration is gonna be at school n i start asking around where to get that balloon cake. Man, she got her sense of style and she can be pretty demanding! Well, it just make me easier when she asks me when is her birthday n just when she asked, i said esok birthday Iman n she grinned all the way. Released 1 guiltiness on my shoulder. Hehehe.. But of course, she has to wait for Papa for her celebration. N me, start planning and scouting for that balloon cake! Hahaha....

'I just want my balloon cake' face

Her pretend play with Ilham. I totally hav no idea what they r up to but layan jela, instead. Hahaha!! I cant stop laughing quietly when they were playing this. Even their unwashed school towel can be a lot of fun!!

Owh, she is really my great helper now. Of course, there r some 'not listening' moment 'ere n there but come on, she's just turned 4. But at that age, she is really reliable and helps me a lot during Papa's absence. I really thank her for that n she really loves it whenever i say thank you :)

To my dearest Iman, i just cant believe how fast u've grown n i cant believe it was u whenever i look at ur babyhood piccas. My wish for this year would be, hope u can sleep by urself just like ur siblings. Hahaha!!

To Iffah, i cant believe how fast u've grown too!! N i cant imagine how u clever gonna be in months n years to come. N my wish for u, dont pick all the things on the floor n stuff it in ur mouth!!! Hahaha... Well, i'll allow a couple of month for that but not for long please. :p

N of course, my evergreen wish is for both of u is to grow up as a good Muslim. We will do our best too!

P/S: i hope this blog will remain in this cyberspace for long so that my kids hav the chance to view it. :)
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