Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being in a long-distance relationship.

I wrote the title as ‘Being A Single Mom’ earlier, but I don’t like the word. Heh. Being in a long-distance relationship is more appropriate.

So, we were in a long-distance relationship, for 5 weeks. The kids n I stayed in our home sweet home while Papa went for his attachment. Yeah, only the kids n I, no other people.

Life was literally ok, just proceed with our daily routine. Wake up, get ourselves ready for work n school, send the kids to school, fetch the kids from school, have our dinner n settle down ourselves n sleep. N that’s for 5 days a week. On weekends, I just have to figure out any activity to keep the kids busy n less boring.

The kids are sooo used to wake up early n we are ready by 8, even on weekends. Which, in the other hand, it was great coz I got the chance to prepare lunch n by 11 we already had our lunch. Iman was very-very helpful most of the time. I relied on her when I was busy in the kitchen. She helped me to monitor the younger 2, albeit u’d hear some screaming later, once in a while. But that’s ok.

How’d I coped without any extra hands? I think its all in the mindset. Well, after the 1st assignment, I was pretty ready with the situation that I’ll be facing. I took a while to get prepared, though but I know what to expect, expect the unexpected n started to plan at the back of my mind.

I wasn’t ready during his 1st assignment n I was very lucky that my sister was on her study leaves. So she helped me out. A lot. Alhamdulillah. But it was very difficult to have somebody to help u out in every single way n I just don’t like the feelings. Although Papa urged me to get a hand but I firmly said that I prefer a maid rather having somebody to accompany me. Life will get tougher with close relatives around, for a long period of time, as it always makes me guilty thinking that they had to leave their lives, obligations n routine just to take over my responsibilities.

I do allow parents to come over once in a while but not for the whole duration. My mom had offered but I refused to. Just can’t imagine how guilty I’ll be coz she should be taking care of my dad not me. The same goes to anybody who’d offered. Thanx but no, thanx. I might sound a bit harsh or arrogant but I need to think what’s best for me n the kids. N so, I decided to live on our own.

Nhow, the kids were ok. Nothing major had occurred so far. Alhamdulillah. Some cough, flu n slight fever do pay us a visit. I’d just make sure that they are happy n followed a tip from a fren of mine to reward the kids, if they behave. Thank them most of the time when they give a hand, admit mistakes that I’ve done n apologize.

Just that we’d been missing Papa so much. Iman had stopped asking bout Papa n all that she wished was for Papa to come home n just waited for the time. While Ilham, he had never skipped saying ‘Sayang Papa’ everynite before going to bed. There was 1 day that he said ‘nak Papa alik’ several times n everytime we passed by Papa’s office, he definitely said ‘Papa here’. Iffah is still very small to understand, I guess. Knowing how much Papa had missed their progress, verbal n non-verbal, n I just can’t stop thinking about how I wish that both of us can witness all the jokes n the funny side of their action, just disrupt me. Oh, how I soooo disagree with a long-distance relationship. It’s not good, IMHO. Perhaps its ok once in a while, but not for long.

N today, hero vanilla coklat saya is already on his way home. Yippie!!!! *smile to the ears :))))


Em's Family said...

agree no more.. i memang salute those like you.. and hmm.. most probably i have to be like you in 7 to 8 months time.. and soooooo not ready.

im_an_ibu said...

Owh, ur hubby gi mane? Dun worry, u'll manage somehow. InsyaAllah :)


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