Monday, March 12, 2012

Kids say the darndest things part 2

Iman suddenly popped about marriage. I guess it’s because we watched Lisa&Yusry wedding documentary that day n I felt guilty for watching it with just because she picked up so fast.

N she suddenly said ‘Ibu, Iman nak kawenla’
I was like ‘Erk, nak kawen ngan sape?’
She replied ‘A*s*ad’
I provoked ‘tp A*s*ad xde gigila’

She got annoyed n back him up
‘Hey, gigi die itam jela’

Ok fine, so I purely asked her ‘Nape Iman nak kawen ngan A***ad?’

Confidently, she answered ‘Sbb Iman pegi Mesra Mall ngan die td’

N I was like ‘When did u go to Mesra Mall with A*s*ad?’



I told my mom, n the words went around n my sisters started making jokes about getting a son-in-law!! Suddenly, I’m worried~~ hahaha


On another day, after making Ilham annoyed n cried, she suddenly said ‘Iman special, mcm Eh*an Na*is’

So I asked, ‘what makes him special?’

N her reply was ‘Yela, die masuk school, kuar school, kacau Au*i’

‘Ooo… n u r special sbb kacau Ilham ye?’

Again, confidently, she said ‘YES!’


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Em's Family said...

oh.. it shows that time really flies kan..

im_an_ibu said...

Yerp, but i cant imagine how will it be when Iman reaches Emir's age. Emir is soo clever, i mean he talks with points n really make me speechless. :)


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