Sunday, March 25, 2012

What I’d turned myself into…

A chirpy mom! I dunno but I’m more towards listening to chirpy songs n watching chirpy drama or movies, very light n easy. I guess it will just make my day n fill in my loneliness. I layan Vanila Coklat ok! My fren said that drama is too cheesy, but I think it’s chirpy n makes me smile. Blame Papa for this. Blame him!!! ;ppp

N I seriously enjoy singing as well, just to myself of course. Perhaps because Papa is not around. Hahahah… yeah, I think because he’s not around. I’m just so not into singing to anybody, even to him. Just to my kids n that’s it.

I sang everywhere, in the car, in the house whenever I’m alone.

N guess what that lil’ Kakak says everytime she hears me singing.

‘Amboi2… Sukenye die…’


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