Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids always say the darndest things pt. 3

My cheeky Ilham has grown to be cheekier than before
He likes to make all of us annoyed!

Whenever he wants to,
He just come n pinch Iman or Iffah, he just drink n spit n make some mess, he all of sudden says ‘xnak tawan’
He can just do that.
He likes to tease people out of the blue with no absolute reason.
While we were in the crocodile farm, he popped up
‘Crocodile matan Ibu’
‘Crocodile matan Papa’ while we were busying looking at the crocodiles
While we were in the Underwater World, he popped up
‘Fish matan Iffah’ ‘Bird matan Iffah’ n show his cheeky smile -_______-
Well, I guess he just wants to get some attention.

Owh, that day while in the car, he heard the word ‘cinta’ from the radio n repeated saying that word.
Again, trying to get our attention I suppose. Papa n I just grin, holding our laughs n I guess he’s not happy with our reactions. N so angrily, he said.

‘Ilham cinta Papa, Ilham cinta Ibu, Ilham cinta Tatak, Ilham cinta Adik’

He must think ‘cinta’ is more or less similar to ‘xnak tawan’
N our reply to him, ‘owh, so sweet, Ibu pon cinta Ilham, Papa pon cinta Ilham’. N he got confused. Haha.

Albeit, he is such a dear boy, try to comfort his siblings, help us out whenever we requested him to, play n guide Iffah.

Abang is teaching adik how to play a piano :)

Abang helped to feed adik

He can be the most loveable boy on earth n he can be the menace ;p
Whatever he is, he is our Abang Besar, as what he always claim he is.

Abang Besar in action :p

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being in a long-distance relationship – taught me how to manage life

I have to do everything by myself, basically everything. Again, my mindset had helped me a lot. Somehow the phrase ‘kene manage’ that really annoyed my officemates and I really have it reason. Hohoho…

Since I’d passed the days with hiccups, some flying colors n sometimes not, I guess I should jot it down so that it can become my lesson learnt n will refer to this if I’m gonna face such situation in future, again.

Managing chores

I hire a housekeeper twice a week to handle the laundry n the cleanliness of the house but I do need to manage the chores in between the housekeeping days also preparing kids’ school bags daily. Some improvements were done, systematically, I hope
1. I’d prepared their bags b4 going to bed, so that no more rushing very early in the morning.
2. Go to bed b4 9 so that the kids had a good sleep and wake up by 7 so that I have no problem waking them up, forcing them to shower n the good thing is, no tantrum :)

Ilham rindu atuk, so he brought along the double decker that atuk bought for him to sleep

3. Just use 1 bottle each per nite means I have made sure all bottles are washed by the middle of the nite, after they’d finished their milk. Previously, I tend to delay in washing the bottles n washed all the bottles at 1 go. But somehow, its not good as I’m piling up the dishes n it’s a lot easier when we wash the bottles straight away, no stubborn dirts :) With that, I don’t hav to wash all the bottles every morning.

It’s very simple and basic, I know but somehow, I tend to take the simple action for granted.

Managing kids’ activities

The kids are sooo used to outside activities i.e playgrounds, malls, car ride etc. but to do all that alone with a baby in the tummy really needs energy, courage and right mindset. It takes a lot of courage just to bring them out, even to play at our own lawn. So, most of the time, I took them out when I want to reward them whenever they behave. Mostly on weekends, after behaving well throughout the weekdays but that still subject to my level of readiness and tiredness n the weather as well.

Making themselves occupied in the house.

Picnic at our porch

Playing at our lawn

To the beach only when we hav other company

Managing meals
Basically I prepared a simple meal that suits all of us. Well, mainly them.

On weekdays, I prepared their meals once we reached home. Nasi goreng, French toast, sandwich, cucur roti, cucur nasi, fried mee, home made mushroom soup (not from the can) or anything simple. Well, kids don’t eat heavy meals nway.

On weekends, I prepared meals as early as 9 n had our meals by 11. N that meal was prepared in a medium quantity so that we can hav it for our early dinner as well. ;p With that routine, I just spent less time in the kitchen n more time with kids and for myelf. Among the menus were nasi lemak, nasi ayam, spaghetti, porridge, or any sort of pasta. Oh, we ate pasta at least once a week. The kids just lurve having that instead of rice n made my life easier! ;p

If the kids still hungry, they can munch the biscuits or cereals.

Pasta, cereals, porridge, cakes were among our cuisines

Managing stress and tiredness
Handling chores can be stressfull, but somehow, I’d passed that. Wink2. The key is to not to procrastinate. N thank to my housekeeper or else, my life will be more haywire, especially looking at the laundry and filthy floor.

Handling 3 kids and a baby in the tummy really tiring especially on weekends but actually, I hav a lot time to rest. I had my rest whenever they asleep.

Alhamdulillah, my morning sickness is not that bad, perhaps I was just too occupied with the routine n I don’t hav the time to think about the morning sickness.

Managing tantrums

It was ok in the beginning. The kids were ok but towards the end, the kids tend show their tantrums especially Ilham. N I hav to admit that it was very tough. He just did anything to get attention. He pushed Iffah, pinched Iman, hit me, water spitting, making a mess, u name it. Although Iman was very helpful but she can easily be upset as well if I didn’t really pay attention to her or scolded her for reasons.

Penalty for making a mess.

N how to manage that, I just need to manage my anger, I guess. Scolding them too often will not help at all.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The day that we almost lost our baby

Ilham went missing in a glimpse while we were shopping. We were in a shop, Papa was trying his outfit n I was chasing Iffah as she frequently walked out the shop. Elder 2 was in the shop as well. But suddenly I couldn’t locate where Ilham was. Im sure he was inside the shop, at the gents’ area but he was not there.
Papa straight away ran n searched for him while carrying Iffah (with the shop’s item on him). Even the promoter helped us, ran ‘ere n there for Ilham but we still couldn’t locate him. I’d checked again in the shop just in case he was there but he wasn’t.

I couldn’t describe my feelings. It was a total blank. Just can’t believe it’s happening to us. I later took Iffah from Papa so that he can focus searching for Ilham n I’d took care of the girls n slowly searched in every shop. My mouth can’t stop saying Allahuakbar n recited Al-Insyirah. I always belief in that Surah can give me solace and relief when facing hard times and I put into practice, reading that Surah to my kids when they are about to sleep. Papa, he repeated recite Ayatul Kursi while searching for Ilham.

Alhamdulillah Allah heard our prayers. After 5 mins of searching, Papa heard Ilham crying n a guy was carrying him. Papa just got the chance to ask that guy ‘Anak sape ni?’ n took Ilham from him n later say thanx. No further investigation.

Some suggested that we should check the cctv. Some blamed that guy was a bad guy. Some said if it was in their shoes, they’ll cry immediately. We don’t know his intention. He could be an angel, who’d helped us to save Ilham from any harm, he could be the opposite. So, no point of doing all those. Crying will not help either. At that point of time, we just want Ilham to be found n that’s about it.

The bottom line is IT IS OUR FAULT. We did our post mortem when we left the mall. Quick fix is not to go to the mall with the kids but it’s unfair for them. Missing kids happened everywhere, even their school or playground but that doesn’t mean we should stop them from going to those places. As parents, we should be alert at all times and we agreed on the following points

1) When 1 of us is searching of sth, another person should be taking care of the kids no matter how rushing u r at that point of time.

2) Never assume. Always need to make sure that they are with either one of us and confirm.

Sounds very simple but that always became the last thing on our mind.

Come to think again, that’s the most unbearable moment in our life. Panick, blank, confuse, hopeless, complicated to describe. I felt as if my heart stopped pumping the moment Papa found him. How relief I was. Cant imagine if he went missing longer than that. That nearmiss really give a slap on our face, hard one. Iman was really scared as well. She kept on asking why he went missing.

I wish we can just forget that moment but we shouldn’t. It was our lesson learnt n it must be freshly remembered so that it won’t happen again. Never. At home, I cried everytime I think about that moment. I just can’t imagine how our life would be, how his life would be. N now I really understand the feelings of parents whom kids were missing for long. The feeling is unacceptable.

I really pray that this will never happen either to u or ur siblings, my boy. :(


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