Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids always say the darndest things pt. 3

My cheeky Ilham has grown to be cheekier than before
He likes to make all of us annoyed!

Whenever he wants to,
He just come n pinch Iman or Iffah, he just drink n spit n make some mess, he all of sudden says ‘xnak tawan’
He can just do that.
He likes to tease people out of the blue with no absolute reason.
While we were in the crocodile farm, he popped up
‘Crocodile matan Ibu’
‘Crocodile matan Papa’ while we were busying looking at the crocodiles
While we were in the Underwater World, he popped up
‘Fish matan Iffah’ ‘Bird matan Iffah’ n show his cheeky smile -_______-
Well, I guess he just wants to get some attention.

Owh, that day while in the car, he heard the word ‘cinta’ from the radio n repeated saying that word.
Again, trying to get our attention I suppose. Papa n I just grin, holding our laughs n I guess he’s not happy with our reactions. N so angrily, he said.

‘Ilham cinta Papa, Ilham cinta Ibu, Ilham cinta Tatak, Ilham cinta Adik’

He must think ‘cinta’ is more or less similar to ‘xnak tawan’
N our reply to him, ‘owh, so sweet, Ibu pon cinta Ilham, Papa pon cinta Ilham’. N he got confused. Haha.

Albeit, he is such a dear boy, try to comfort his siblings, help us out whenever we requested him to, play n guide Iffah.

Abang is teaching adik how to play a piano :)

Abang helped to feed adik

He can be the most loveable boy on earth n he can be the menace ;p
Whatever he is, he is our Abang Besar, as what he always claim he is.

Abang Besar in action :p

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