Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let’s mark 26th May 2012

After the vacations n hectic life, we decided for having a laid-back anniversary celebration. Kunun!

Well, yeah. We decided to just be around Kertih over the weekends or Kuantan, at least. Nothing much can be done while in Kertih to celebrate, if we opt for extremely special treat, but we just enjoyed what we already hav in our territory. Papa planned to get a Baskin Robbin ice cream cakes for us but the nearest BR is in Kuantan. Sigh, there were lots of tempting cakes on board but they were running out of storage box and dried ice. It’s impossible to bring the cake home in gud condition due to the distance.

My idea was at least to hav a special treat at Haagen Dasz but no HD outlet in the East Coast. So, we just had a BR treat in Kuantan. No gud picca as Iffah was so eager n impatient n grumpy n intolerant, I would say, that she would just grab the ice cream with her bare hands. Gosh, this small lady really has a big appetite. She can never compromise whenever she sees food! She can even fight with us over food!!! I never recall being so grumpy b4 when I was carrying her. Hmmm…

N so, we had our early celebration with the BR treat. Let’s call pre-evening tea anniversary treat as it was held on the 25th evening.

We headed back after we r done with Maghrib prayer n Papa suddenly felt like eating the famous Mee Curry in Kuantan that we hadn’t been to since Iman was born, I guess. We used to go there when I was carrying Iman n now no more. N so, another celebration, call it anniversary eve treat. Nothing fancy, it’s just a big stall in a housing area. But the taste has never changed. Done with that, drove home n just do whatever we want, having fun with the kids, n still intact with our anniversary theme, laid-back. ;p

U never know how difficult for Papa to snap this picca.

On the day itself, we pleased Ilham’s craving which is to eat roti canai. (He had been eating roti canai everyday in Ipoh while we were away for Umrah. N that had left Atuk with no other breakfast choice.) N so, we had our anniversary breakfast treat at roti canai stall but not at our favorite stall as it was close, perhaps due to school holidays.

Isi tank b4 having roti canai

N to my surprise, Papa offered to cook for lunch. He had his menu which is Roasted Chicken n Chinese Fried Rice. It was a late lunch as he spent hours in my territory while I was putting the kids to afternoon nap. N owh, no picca as to him, it didn’t turn out the way he wanted to be. Hahaha… Well, it did look not so tempting but it tasted gud, for both dish. The kids just munched n munched n munched. N Iman, being so sincere, said that those dish was delicious. It really was. (I shud at least snapped the roasted chicken)

N so, that’s our anniversary lunch treat. :) n we just lazed around throughout the day. Bliss.

But it was not over yet. We had our post anniversary dinner a day later at a newly open restaurant in Kijal. A total Arabic cuisine with Middle East ambient. The kids were frantically excited seeing such a laid-back setup (n Papa was not happy) n that had taken us 1.5 hours to complete our dinner! Hohoho… Luckily the food was great.

N this the best shot that we can get too!
See how messy the kids had turned that place to be

Iffah struggling to be freed

N that’s how we celebrated our 5th anniversary, (yeah, we r turning 5), with 5 different treat. Wah, what a coincident! It had never been planned such way.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Papa!

My wish for us is as what I’ve been praying while we were in Mekah n Madinah. U know what it is :)
Luv u always, muah3

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Our vacation months had ended (at least for 2012)

We started off the New Year with a tight agenda. Papa left for his attachments n we went for vacations every time he’s back. weehuu!!...

Our 1st trip was to Grand Lexis in PD. We’d stayed there longer as what we’d been wishing for. N we just spent our days n nites in the waterhomes, resting, relaxing n jumping into the pool. Bliss!! The room is big n we couldn’t even bother about the outside world. We didn’t even go to the beach while we’re there, only after we’d checked out n join the family gathering in Desa Lagoon.

I’d totally enjoyed our private pool, very privacy, laid-back n shedded. Same goes to Papa. But our elder 2 refused to jump in as the pool is kinda deep for them n they refused to use their floats too! They just sit at the side. But they had fun at the kids’ pool despite the scorching sun n despite their running noses. Kitorg yg xthn! N owh, Iffah was the coolest kid as ever. N that made me thinking whether we shud go there again. Perhaps just for our honeymoon. Wink2~~

About 1.5 months later, we went to Langkawi for our next vacation (despite the tsunami warning). We took the flight as we want to minimize the travelling time n the hassle to carry our luggages n strollers (if we were to take ferry). The kids were excited to board, especially via Air Asia. Yeah, u hav to walk under the hot sun or heavy rain or even strong winds if u take Air Asia but to them, climbing the stairs n get into the plane felt so real. When we took MAS several times, but Iman just cudn’t believe that we’re already in the plane n looked for another plane instead. Nway, Alhamdulillah the kids were doin just fine throughout the journey. That matters most.

Iffah's 1st time eating lollies so that she suckles (to reduce pressure esp during take off)

Langkawi has changed, enormously. Fine, 1996 was the last time I’d been there. We went to almost all of the must go places, except the crystal-thingy. Cudnt locate where the place is. Nhow, there, I was so not into glassware shoppings (although many said its cheap) instead, art n craftworks were much preferred. The most memorable event was our batik painting moment. It was our 1st time doing our batik paintings n had other batik shoppings. Gosh, I went so crazy over the batiks n bought several batik products. Weird as batik never attract me everytime I went to Kuala Terengganu. N I’m convinced that my baby is a girl :) I’m gonna frame those paintings nicely n hang it all over the place. N I’ll remember that those are my 4th pregnancy syndrome. Hahahaha!

Among our activities

Iman with her batik painting. She chose the painting n painted by herself. Well, supervised by 1 of the painters. (She got tired actually coz she took more than 30 mins doin it but she didnt has the guts to disobey the supervis0r ;p)

Our time was really packed. We went touring around for the whole day n had our resting time at nite. Overall, we managed to catch everything. The kids got their time at the beach, at the pool, at the underwater world. Papa got his time cruising around with the 4wd n photoshots. N I got the chance for my craving. I bet Papa would love to go for island hopping but with 3 kids n a preggy mommy, it is not permissible. We’ll come again insyaAllah ye Papa? N will go for the extreme activities perhaps. Weee… At the end of the day, 2 things that Papa n I wish for Langkawi are, it will be much cleaner and nature preserved. At the moment, I would say it is so-so je.

Bought sunnies for elder 2 for the 1st time.

N our final vacation (without the kids) was for our 12 days Umrah. Leaving the kids for the 1st time (for that long) was never easy, at least for me. Especially for Iffah as it was her 1st time not to sleep with me. Well, she was feverish + flu + cough for the 1st several days. Alhamdulillah the elder 2 really well behaved, as claimed by my mom. My biggest worry was to make my parents’ life haywire, handling 3 small kids without a maid. Alhamdulillah all went well, no major issues. We skyped almost everyday!

Let’s just treat that as our 5th anniversary treat. It was momentous. We had had our ‘our time’ where we really looked back at our lives for the past 5 yrs, the good n the bad, n where we shud improve, our relationship with Allah as well as in our marriage n raising kids. So many things that we had ignored. So many significant things that we had taken for granted, while so many petty things we had focused on actually. Once there, I really regret for not going there soon enuf. But I’m grateful I got the chance to be there. I’ve been praying that Allah will choose us to be there again, with the whole family.

So now, i hav lotsa things to focus on i.e our new edition, missing items n future planning.  I wish...

(to myself)

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My wishlist

1. To sew
2. To start baking
3. To sort old clothes
4. To make over my home


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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tips for Muslim Parents (part 1)

While I was browsing news feed at FB, I found an interesting article shared by 1 of my frens, which had really made me ponder what I’ve been doing so far. After reading those, I straight away went to the fanpage n liked that page. Masha-Allah, I found abundant of indispensable articles, advices n knowledge sharing that had made me feel so microscopic n extremely way beyond what I supposed to be.


What does it take for parents to get a teen to become a practicing Muslim?

After talking to parents, Scholars, activists and Muslims who have grown up in the West to ask what are some practical things parents can do to help Muslim teens maintain their Deen. These are some of their suggestions:

Tip 1: Take parenting more seriously than you would a full-time job

This means both parents must understand their children are a trust from Allah, and He will ask how they were raised. If the children do not grow up practicing Islam because of their parents’ negligence, it is not going to be pretty in this life or the next.

Tip 2: Reduce or change work hours and exchange them for time with the family

It is better to have one full-time job, fewer luxuries in the house (i.e. more cars, expensive clothes, a bigger, fancier home) and more time with the family, than many material things and absent parents. This goes for mothers AND fathers. Parents can’t instill values in their children if they just aren’t there. Quit that extra job on the weekends or in the evenings and instead drive the kids to the mosque for Majalis and activities instead. Or consider switching shifts at work so that you’re home when the kids are.

Tip 3: Read the Quran, understanding its meaning, for five minutes every day

Just five minutes. Whether it’s in the car during a traffic jam, early morning after Fajr, or right before you go to bed, read the Quran with a translation and/or Tafseer. Then watch the snowball effect. You will, Insha Allah(God willing), reconnect with Allah, and in the long run, develop into a role model helping your whole family, not just your teen, reconnect with Him too.
Tip 4: Respect your teen

Respecting your teen means not treating them like inept babies, but like maturing adults, not talking down to them or humiliating and insulting them. It means involving them in useful activities around the home and seeking their opinions on matters of importance.

Tip 5: Take an interest in what they do
Does Ihsan collect stamps? See if you can find old letters from your parents and pass the stamps on them to her. Does Muhsin love building websites? Visit his site, post a congratulatory e-mail on the message board and offer some suggestions for the site. Give him a book on advanced web design as Eid(holy-day) gift.

Tip 6: Be aware of problems and address them straightforwardly

As you spend more time with your teen, you will be more able to sense if there is something bothering them. Don’t brush this feeling under the carpet. Address it straight on. But don’t do this in the family meeting or in front of others. Do it during the next tip.

Tip 7: "Date" your teenager

While dating is commonly associated with boy-girl social(legal) meetings, the concept can be extended to any meeting between two people wanting to get to know each other better.

It’s especially important to "date" your children on an individual level once they hit their teens because they are no longer just "one of the kids". They are young adults who need attention and guidance on an individual level. You can go out on a "date" when Sumayya graduates from high school (instead of going to the prom), when Ahmed gets his driver’s license or if you feel there is something bothering them and you want to address them alone.

Tip 8: Don’t just be your teen’s parent, be his or her partner

Making them a partner means giving them responsibilities within the family. Get 16 year old Ali, who just got his driver’s license, to help his mom with grocery shopping on Saturday’s; get 15 year old Jasmine, who loves flowers, to be responsible for the garden and mowing the lawn. This way, teens will feel a part of the family, included and needed.

Tip 9: Build a Masjid(or Hussaynieh) in your home

Delegate a room, part of the basement or the living room as the home Masjid.
Make this Masjid entirely the responsibility of the kids. Get the eldest to be in charge and to delegate responsibilities for younger siblings. Responsibilities include keeping the Masjid clean, waking people up for Fajr, calling the Adhan, etc.

Tip 9: Don’t practice "men’s Islam"
That means don’t exclude wives or daughters from prayers. When the men are praying in Jamaah, make sure the women are either behind them or also praying in congregation. Make sure the Imam recites the prayer loud enough for the women to hear if they are in another part of the house. Also, encourage women to pray in Jamaah if there are no men present.

Tip 10: Establish an Islamic library and choose a librarian

Equip your home with an Islamic library with books, video and audio cassettes about various aspects of Islam, catering to everyone’s age and interests. If your 13-year-old son likes adventure novels, for example, make sure you have a couple of Islamic adventure books.
Gather the books about Holy Quran, and the Holy prophet and Ahlul Bayt's seerah and biographies, as much as you can.

Get one of your teens to be the librarian. S/he keeps materials organized and in good condition. Any requests for materials to be added to the collection have to go through him or her. Give this librarian a monthly budget for ordering new books, cassettes, etc.


Above all, Tips #1 and #2 really caught my eyes. The rest we just have to make them as part our routine. I need to uproot, seriously.


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