Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let’s mark 26th May 2012

After the vacations n hectic life, we decided for having a laid-back anniversary celebration. Kunun!

Well, yeah. We decided to just be around Kertih over the weekends or Kuantan, at least. Nothing much can be done while in Kertih to celebrate, if we opt for extremely special treat, but we just enjoyed what we already hav in our territory. Papa planned to get a Baskin Robbin ice cream cakes for us but the nearest BR is in Kuantan. Sigh, there were lots of tempting cakes on board but they were running out of storage box and dried ice. It’s impossible to bring the cake home in gud condition due to the distance.

My idea was at least to hav a special treat at Haagen Dasz but no HD outlet in the East Coast. So, we just had a BR treat in Kuantan. No gud picca as Iffah was so eager n impatient n grumpy n intolerant, I would say, that she would just grab the ice cream with her bare hands. Gosh, this small lady really has a big appetite. She can never compromise whenever she sees food! She can even fight with us over food!!! I never recall being so grumpy b4 when I was carrying her. Hmmm…

N so, we had our early celebration with the BR treat. Let’s call pre-evening tea anniversary treat as it was held on the 25th evening.

We headed back after we r done with Maghrib prayer n Papa suddenly felt like eating the famous Mee Curry in Kuantan that we hadn’t been to since Iman was born, I guess. We used to go there when I was carrying Iman n now no more. N so, another celebration, call it anniversary eve treat. Nothing fancy, it’s just a big stall in a housing area. But the taste has never changed. Done with that, drove home n just do whatever we want, having fun with the kids, n still intact with our anniversary theme, laid-back. ;p

U never know how difficult for Papa to snap this picca.

On the day itself, we pleased Ilham’s craving which is to eat roti canai. (He had been eating roti canai everyday in Ipoh while we were away for Umrah. N that had left Atuk with no other breakfast choice.) N so, we had our anniversary breakfast treat at roti canai stall but not at our favorite stall as it was close, perhaps due to school holidays.

Isi tank b4 having roti canai

N to my surprise, Papa offered to cook for lunch. He had his menu which is Roasted Chicken n Chinese Fried Rice. It was a late lunch as he spent hours in my territory while I was putting the kids to afternoon nap. N owh, no picca as to him, it didn’t turn out the way he wanted to be. Hahaha… Well, it did look not so tempting but it tasted gud, for both dish. The kids just munched n munched n munched. N Iman, being so sincere, said that those dish was delicious. It really was. (I shud at least snapped the roasted chicken)

N so, that’s our anniversary lunch treat. :) n we just lazed around throughout the day. Bliss.

But it was not over yet. We had our post anniversary dinner a day later at a newly open restaurant in Kijal. A total Arabic cuisine with Middle East ambient. The kids were frantically excited seeing such a laid-back setup (n Papa was not happy) n that had taken us 1.5 hours to complete our dinner! Hohoho… Luckily the food was great.

N this the best shot that we can get too!
See how messy the kids had turned that place to be

Iffah struggling to be freed

N that’s how we celebrated our 5th anniversary, (yeah, we r turning 5), with 5 different treat. Wah, what a coincident! It had never been planned such way.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Papa!

My wish for us is as what I’ve been praying while we were in Mekah n Madinah. U know what it is :)
Luv u always, muah3

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eeja said...

Happy anniversary cheah & alham! cepatnya masa berlalu. still recall went to your reception 5 years ago;) and last sekali we met was during emy's, right? that was feb 2009..lamanya x jumpa...

schazzy said...

happy anniversary che ah + alham!! i luv the laid-back concept! :) and oh, iffah dah besar!!! how time flies!!

*now i cant wait for my anniversary this year...! let's see if my hubby remembers the date...hahahah!*

im_an_ibu said...

thanx eeja!!!! tula, asyik jumpe kat cyberspace je. huhuhu... u la, lame sgt kat germany. hihihih... kidding...

shaz, hahaha, tu alasan je sbb dah xde idea nak celebrate camne. balik2 gi dinner je... with the kids of course. n yes, budak tecik tu dah besar n makin notty!!!!!!!!!!! grrr...
btw, set a countdown la. mesti ur hubby igt. hehehe

Emy said...

comel la diorg filling the tank secara berjemaah...hihihi

im_an_ibu said...

Emy, when it comes to food n susu, diorg mmg demand for equal treatment. Hehehe


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