Monday, May 28, 2012

Our vacation months had ended (at least for 2012)

We started off the New Year with a tight agenda. Papa left for his attachments n we went for vacations every time he’s back. weehuu!!...

Our 1st trip was to Grand Lexis in PD. We’d stayed there longer as what we’d been wishing for. N we just spent our days n nites in the waterhomes, resting, relaxing n jumping into the pool. Bliss!! The room is big n we couldn’t even bother about the outside world. We didn’t even go to the beach while we’re there, only after we’d checked out n join the family gathering in Desa Lagoon.

I’d totally enjoyed our private pool, very privacy, laid-back n shedded. Same goes to Papa. But our elder 2 refused to jump in as the pool is kinda deep for them n they refused to use their floats too! They just sit at the side. But they had fun at the kids’ pool despite the scorching sun n despite their running noses. Kitorg yg xthn! N owh, Iffah was the coolest kid as ever. N that made me thinking whether we shud go there again. Perhaps just for our honeymoon. Wink2~~

About 1.5 months later, we went to Langkawi for our next vacation (despite the tsunami warning). We took the flight as we want to minimize the travelling time n the hassle to carry our luggages n strollers (if we were to take ferry). The kids were excited to board, especially via Air Asia. Yeah, u hav to walk under the hot sun or heavy rain or even strong winds if u take Air Asia but to them, climbing the stairs n get into the plane felt so real. When we took MAS several times, but Iman just cudn’t believe that we’re already in the plane n looked for another plane instead. Nway, Alhamdulillah the kids were doin just fine throughout the journey. That matters most.

Iffah's 1st time eating lollies so that she suckles (to reduce pressure esp during take off)

Langkawi has changed, enormously. Fine, 1996 was the last time I’d been there. We went to almost all of the must go places, except the crystal-thingy. Cudnt locate where the place is. Nhow, there, I was so not into glassware shoppings (although many said its cheap) instead, art n craftworks were much preferred. The most memorable event was our batik painting moment. It was our 1st time doing our batik paintings n had other batik shoppings. Gosh, I went so crazy over the batiks n bought several batik products. Weird as batik never attract me everytime I went to Kuala Terengganu. N I’m convinced that my baby is a girl :) I’m gonna frame those paintings nicely n hang it all over the place. N I’ll remember that those are my 4th pregnancy syndrome. Hahahaha!

Among our activities

Iman with her batik painting. She chose the painting n painted by herself. Well, supervised by 1 of the painters. (She got tired actually coz she took more than 30 mins doin it but she didnt has the guts to disobey the supervis0r ;p)

Our time was really packed. We went touring around for the whole day n had our resting time at nite. Overall, we managed to catch everything. The kids got their time at the beach, at the pool, at the underwater world. Papa got his time cruising around with the 4wd n photoshots. N I got the chance for my craving. I bet Papa would love to go for island hopping but with 3 kids n a preggy mommy, it is not permissible. We’ll come again insyaAllah ye Papa? N will go for the extreme activities perhaps. Weee… At the end of the day, 2 things that Papa n I wish for Langkawi are, it will be much cleaner and nature preserved. At the moment, I would say it is so-so je.

Bought sunnies for elder 2 for the 1st time.

N our final vacation (without the kids) was for our 12 days Umrah. Leaving the kids for the 1st time (for that long) was never easy, at least for me. Especially for Iffah as it was her 1st time not to sleep with me. Well, she was feverish + flu + cough for the 1st several days. Alhamdulillah the elder 2 really well behaved, as claimed by my mom. My biggest worry was to make my parents’ life haywire, handling 3 small kids without a maid. Alhamdulillah all went well, no major issues. We skyped almost everyday!

Let’s just treat that as our 5th anniversary treat. It was momentous. We had had our ‘our time’ where we really looked back at our lives for the past 5 yrs, the good n the bad, n where we shud improve, our relationship with Allah as well as in our marriage n raising kids. So many things that we had ignored. So many significant things that we had taken for granted, while so many petty things we had focused on actually. Once there, I really regret for not going there soon enuf. But I’m grateful I got the chance to be there. I’ve been praying that Allah will choose us to be there again, with the whole family.

So now, i hav lotsa things to focus on i.e our new edition, missing items n future planning.  I wish...

(to myself)

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joely said...

seronoknya che ah..g umrah..:)

schazzy said...

bestnyer,alhamdulillah!...moga2 lepas ni ader rezeki lagi ke wanna go there toooooooo~~~

& why are u saying the vacation months had ended?? you have another 6 months for 2012! you should go for another 2 or 3 vacations!! hehhhee

maybe we should plan for a get-together. now that we are maidless, at least when the kids get together they can take care of each other under their fathers' supervision while we can do our chichatting, eating and having fun~~..

im_an_ibu said...

joely, yerp2... sgt best

shaz, let's pray for it!!
owh, i think we hav to put a stop for the vacay sbb in preparation of the coming baby. maybe dah besa sket then only we can plan for another 1. heheheh
n yes, definitely need to hav a ge-to-gather. grrr... i just dunno when sbb kalo i trn kl, mesti dah ade line-up activity. sigh. i've been dying to meet u!! hahaha okla, okla, i miss u... hahaha


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