Monday, June 18, 2012

Adding colors to our lives

I'm at 30 weeks n I just hav no idea what to expect. Usually, by this time, I had already prepared my gears for confinement as well as for the baby. Or at least, I had already hav a checklist on things to do, to bring etc. but I didn’t put that into practice at this point of time.

My future seems a bit blur, at least starting nx yr. I planned to enroll Elder 2 at our preferred kindergarten but had to cancel it as it will be closed starting nx yr. There are several other options but I’m just not willing to go thru the experience of sending them to new school and to expect the unexpected. Yeah, I’m being complacent n that’s not good. Knowing that Papa’s mobility is part of his career development, I do hav to prepare for that, changing schools, packs n unpacks n so on.

I think I’m prepared for that eversince I tendered from P*TR*NAS. But now that we hav been living ‘ere for the past 5 years, as much as I impatiently been wanting to move out, my heart somehow has settled.

Perhaps I’ve give up in putting hopes. Perhaps I’ve give up in future planning. Perhaps I’ve been rigidly planning. Or perhaps, I’ve been doing the same routine throughout the 5 yrs. Perhaps I do need a change. Doing sth extra or sth that I’ve not been doing. Hav a twist in my career path, let’s say. Venture into sth new no matter how hard it’s gonna be. Well, at least it’s gonna add colors to my life.

Yeah, let’s go for that.

Owh, Papa is back n the kids are way beyond happy (as if I’m not). They know that they can do sth extra once Papa’s home, not just the normal wakeup-shower-eat-nap-play-shower-sleep routine. I'm such a plain mom. Even kids know that they wanna add colors into their life. 

Even as simple as jumping into the pool at our compound can add colors into their lives n remains as fresh as ever. Kids are simply simple actually. 

p/s: let's pack, or at least prepare the checklist!!!

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Ms J said...

che ah, are you going to move in at shah alam, igt you beli rumah kt ukay perdana???

im_an_ibu said...

Yeah, shah alam tp xsiap lg rumahnye. Huhuhu... N blum ade byg lg bile dpt transfer. Hehehe

E`n1x said...

you'rs gonna b a SAHM???

im_an_ibu said...

lily, i wish i can be SAHM :) doa2kanla ye


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