Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Papa had left for a week. Just for a week, yet we felt so lonely. N boring. Not only me but the kids as well. Elder 2 had been missing Papa since day 1. They confessed. Unlike Iffah. She was very cheerful n extremely occupied with her cant-u-see-that-I’m-superbusy-now-Ibu thingy. She always got sth on her plate. But not till yesterday when she woke up crankily n hate to be left alone until today. I guess she just started to have a feeling for Papa’s absence. I hope she will not be getting any fever or illnesses.

I'm busy fixing this meter, cant u see?

Haish… it’s just feel like ages. It’s not that we, (I in particular) were being left alone for the 1st time. We even passed the 5 weeks magnificently. But now it felt so long. No, it’s not the burden of handling the kids alone that I’m complaining about . The kids are all manageable, Alhamdulillah plus Kak Iman is very-very helpful most of the time n Ilham starts to compete with Kak Iman whenever I requested any of them to help me out. It's just about the absence. Even in the middle of the nite, it’s kinda difficult for me to have some deep-sleep.

NPapa felt the same too. He just needs to make sure himself occupied. I even asked him to start surveying for the most affordable home & living store for our house. Wink2~~ but he refused to do it alone coz I’m not around. N how sweet is that? Or perhaps because he has nobody to argue with throughout the survey! Hahahaha…

Superclingy Abang Besar 

Argghhh… we r just spoiled anak-beranak..

P/S: N now that my fren has not been replying my email since last week (or two), I felt even lonelier. Yeah, u shud be guilty as charged. Hahahaha... I just lurve to provoke her… ;p

P/S II: Lonelier? Is there such word?

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Eeja said...

alalala...sedeynya..it's ok, only a few days to go..apalah sgt one week as compared to five! (motivation mode)

btw, that 'fren' is not me, right? hehe

im_an_ibu said...

thanx eeja!!!

n i takut nak email u sbb tau u bz... hehehe


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