Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Updates

I’m turning 34 weeks. I’d packed our confinement bag, a bag that fits all clothes for the 6 of us. Surprisingly yes. But without the booties, mittens n caps. Yikes, I’d overlooked that. N that minus the diapers, breastfeeding gadgets, toiletries, ointment, confinement accessories, cute pillows, blankets etc. gosh, that’s a long way to go, I supposed. Gagagaga…

The name for the baby is almost settled. :)
But, I’m somewhat blank about what to expect. How my labor’s gonna be. How the kids gonna cope with the new edition. How our life will turn into with 4 kids, albeit, I know its gonna be exceptionally thunderous. Hahaha!!! Cant wait for that. I just luv the noise. ;p

I’m 40% close to completing my wishlist. I’d baked n sort the old clothes. I’m yet to bake choc chip cookies with Iman n yet to sort the working clothes. N that contributes the 40% of my wishlist achievement. Papa agreed to do some re-arrangement to our home, hanging the frames, in particular. I’ll be mending Papa’s offices’ wear, n I’ll consider that as a start to my sewing activities. Haha… Come on, gimme a pat, at least.

We had our family gath few weeks ago. A potluck at my sister’s. N I brought an undescribable delicious rainbow cake made by Mak Cik Idah. Man, I can still imagine the taste of the cake. We kinda celebrated all of our birthdays n anniversaries in 1 event, just to be fair to everybody. We had bbq chicken, lamb, fish n other food as well. The kids were wide awake eventhough they’d already passed their bedtime. Well, except for Iman as she didn’t take a nap during daytime. N we talked n eat n talked n eat n talked n eat. Bliss.

I want more of this

At this juncture, I think I’m as heavy as a bag of sand. Extremely heavy. My legs tremble whenever I stand up for too long. I need to take some pause everytime I was on sth. My friends can hear my shortness of breathe. N I’m sooo not into shopping now or any other long trip. Just spent my weekends at home, not in the mood to even go to Kuantan for family outings. I was lucky that Papa had to go for a short outstation on weekdays, so, he wouldn’t drag me to any outings as he wants to rest as well. Win-win… :p

Urm, what else. We received an invitation for a kindergarten contest. Iman was chosen to participate in the coloring contest with her other 3 classmates. I was head over heals when her teacher handed out the invitation. N I’ll be taking half-day for that event. Super-duper excited. Weee… I hope she will not feel shy with my attendance. Oh, I’m so proud of her. 

I think she is pretty. I really do :)

N owh, I’d added color to my life on 1st July 2012. InsyaAllah, I’ll be changing my path. I’d received some feedbacks, positive n negative n I don’t think I need to explain further to anybody. InsyaAllah, this is not an overnite decision. InsyaAllah, as long as I hav the right person to support me, I’ll make it thru. All I need to do is to strive and istiqamah. Amin. :)


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zidzealda lyana said...

Cik Ah,the cake looks yummmy and tempting!boleh tempah x?i loike rainbow cake!

im_an_ibu said...

It IS yummy!!! Nanti i tanye makcik i die take orders x. She lives in Shah Alam btw. Eh, u can like her page kat fb. Name page die LimaDelima Kitchen. Go to my fb page list :)


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