Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A runner up, she is

N so, I attended Iman’s school’s Contest Day. She won 2nd place in a coloring contest. Not bad at all, for a 1st timer. We are very proud of her, I must say. Papa joined during the prize giving ceremony. Thanx Papa for squeezing in despite ur tight schedule!!!

Congrats sayang!!!

A day before, I had a chat about it with her so that she is somehow prepared. Prepared in the sense that she’s not shy with our presence or to act normal in a bigger crowd. Basically, I just want her to be herself. She talked bout what to wear, to have 2 pony tails, to go to bed early n wake up early n blablabla… Both of us were tremendously excited. 

Some shots of her with her frens.

She has this tendency of not talking to her friends whenever we are around. She just feels awkward, I guess. N this morning, she showed the same gesture n so I told her that I never feel shy whenever I meet my frens n she showed some agreement n broke the boundaries. Alhamdulillah. 

Top left: Iman with her classmates; Arman, Ana & Darwisy
Top right: They spelled her name wrongly. Its Humayra not Humaya, ok.
Bottom: The Prize Giving :)

I guess we'll be attending more of this in future. I sooo hope that we will have the same momentum for all of the events in future. InsyaAllah, we will keep up the momentum, the excitement, the supports to all of our kids. This is just the beginning. :)

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eeja said...

congrats iman! auntie eeja is so proud of you.

"mana tumpahnya kuah, kalau tak ke nasi"


im_an_ibu said...

thanx auntie!!!! haish, bile dpt jumpe u nih???


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