Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fever n frens go away.... Pretty fast, please...

I'm down with high fever, flu, blocked nose, cough, sore throat n chesty at this final week of my delivery. I got the virus from Ilham when he was on high fever. Alhamdulillah the girls n Papa are not infected. The cough worsen the condition as my tummy pushes the diagprahm too hard as well as the bones n my waist. It may sound a bit exegerrating but thats what i feel at the moment.

I'm totally weak n just spent my time lying in the bed. It has been my 2nd day now, a bit better alhamdulillah but still dizzy n drowsy due to the meds i guess.

I'm just praying for speedy recovery as i would really hope that i can focus with my delivery without any complications n welcome our latest edition. InsyaAllah.


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