Tuesday, August 7, 2012

N so I'm warded

After 2 days of high fever n 5 days of terrible cough, flu n sore throat, it developed into bronchitis, very chesty. N that left me of another 5 recovery days b4 my induction delivery. The only way to keep me better is by keeping me warded with a scheduled nebu n medication, monitored by specialist n lots of rest.
Today is my 2nd day now. We had to leave the kids with my in laws n hope all of them are doing well. The kids wished to pay me a visit but perhaps we had to put that on hold until the weekends. Or at least until the delivery, which ever comes first. Spoken to both my respiratory specialist n my obgyn, unless any emergency, they decided to put the planned induction on hold until i'm fully recovered. So far, baby 'I' is behaving very well alhamdulillah but i can feel that she's feeling a lil bit disturbed whenever i coughed.
Owh how i missed my kids. B4 we left yesterday, i remembered cuddling Ilham n he kept saying 'Ilham sayang Ibu' while Kakak Iman really showed her concerned everytime i coughed out n said 'Allah, teruknye batuk Ibu. Iman doakan Ibu cpt sembuh'. N how sweet is that? She really talks like grown ups.
Do pray for my speedy recovery. Tq

Cant wait to meet all of u very soon!!!
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