Wednesday, September 12, 2012

As Ilmi turns 1 mo

Papa turns 30!! Alhamdulillah.

Happy birthday, sayang! I wish nothing but the best for you, in your life, in our marriage, in our family, in your career, n in your future undertakings. I'll continuously make doa for your long good health, physically, mentally n spiritually, to lead n guide us to achieve husnul khatimah n make our way to Jannah, insyaAllah. We gonna celebrate your birthdays in years to come, insyaAllah.

No better gift for your birthday than a healthy 1 mo baby girl, Ilmi, not forgetting her siblings, a well behaved Iman who i can always ask for a hand, cheeky Ilham who always make crazeeee n laugh n the same time n si comel Iffah who is independant but can be clingy as well. MasyaAllah.

- me jotting this down with elder 3 around me, fighting to sleep nx to me while saying 'nak ibu, nak ibu'... Let's see how will it be when Ilmi is big enuf to join the crowd! Hahaha. Life would be merrier, i guess.

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Emy said...

posing ilham: i'm still the man! yeahhh!!!

im_an_ibu said...

Hahaha.. Tula. Tp die gak yg paling kuat nangis. Hhehe

naihusna said...

stail betul ilham tido..hehe..iffah plak mcm nak terbang kemana tu..

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