Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Speedy n vigorous

Since i can feel that im aging, i know i shudnt be delaying in jotting down my labor experience or else, u fill in the blank. I wish i could post this up at least b4 eid but i guess i was too weak n tired. Yeah, i AM getting old.

Nway, just so u know, we had to postpone my induction as the cough was still there eventhough i was not chesty. After meeting both specialists on Friday, we settled on Saturday for the induction. Great as i got the chance for my raya shopping later that Friday evening n went home to meet the kids on Saturday prior to my induction.

Later on Saturday nite, the nurse did a VE n decided to go for induction at 5 am of 120812. So, 5 am it was.

The contractions became stronger there n then, very fast i would say. We waited for 3cm opening so that we can go for epidural. Yeah, i had to agree for epidural as i was not 100% cured. N yeah, i had to go through that alone coz Papa almost fainted, again! Grrr! (n thats the reason why i refused epidural when i was in labor of Iffah. Haha)

N so i went for epidural. Alone! (do i need to stress on that again? Yes!!..) Papa had to sit down to calm himself n i got confused is it me or him that the anaes's goin to poke? Hmm.. It was not as smooth as b4 (when i was in labor of Ilham). Felt like ages for the anaes to complete it, i guess because of the contractions. N i was hoping that i can relax after that just like b4 but it didnt happen that way. Its either it was too late for the epidural or the pain was ultimately strong. Maybe both. The nurses had increased the dosage from time to time but it didnt help much. I was so relief when i was 8cm dilated n soon after that already ready for delivery. N pluff, our baby arrived. It ends at 9.48 am. I was totally knocked off until 2 pm, i guess. My legs trembled until 6pm. I felt so weak n too old for delivery eventhough i havent reach 30!. Perhaps, the effect of epidural as the nurses had to increase the dosage n come to my surprise that actually i was on epidural for less than 2 hrs.

Seriously, it was fast, well, as compared as b4. BUT, the pain was the strongest ever. Perhaps that makes the fast delivery. Again, it was extremely excessively painful, at my c-sect scar to be exact. Seriously, me no kidding. N usually, my O&G will ask will there be another round of this. This time, i'd changed my answer. I said, lemme think bout it. Hohoho. N she told Papa that he really needs to pujuk me if he wishes for our 5th. Hahaha...

N so, our 4th bundle of joy had arrived on 120812 at 9.48am. N this 3.3kg lil girl we named her Nur Ilmi Raudhah :)

N how the elder 3 reacted?

Iman was excited, Ilham was amazed probably to see how tiny Ilmi is n Iffah was extremely geram with Ilmi, up till now. She can kiss Ilmi every 30 seconds whenever she's not in her cot. :)

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Em's Family said...

congrats Che Ah.. another I in the family :)

im_an_ibu said...

Thanx mira!!!

E`n1x said...

1 hero? congrats che ah! 4 edi! *pingsan*

im_an_ibu said...

Yerp, alhamdulillah. thanx lily!


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