Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things happen for reasons

I drafted about how bz i was eversince i changed my career path, how upset i was when people said that im relaxing at home when actually its totally the opposite, how tiring it can be n all the whines. But i'll scrap that n erase all the negativity. People talk n let 'em be. 
It pulled me down once in a while but i see that things happen for reason n i actually glad that it happened. 
I'm grateful for the tiredness of handling the chores. Without it, i dont think i can feel the satisfaction.

I'm grateful for the sickness n pains that my kids r going thru. Without it, i always thought that i can manage better when the kids r at school.

I'm grateful for the clingy-ness of my kids. With that, i know that i'm important to them. 

I'm grateful that Papa is superbusy now. Without it, we might take our time for granted. 
I'm grateful for whatever that happens. It made us sit down n think what's best for us :) It made us rely on Allah for His supports n guidance n all the strength that we need. 


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Joely said...

wah laling..masih ada lagi ke ckp surirumah dok rehat saja...very old time lah..anak sorang boleh la kot...u anak 4 kot..xmenang tgn..i can imagine that...dun weri dear...byk pahala u kutip hari2 u jg 'harta' suami u kt rumah tu..mesti u jd gagah perkasa...:)


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