Wednesday, April 10, 2013

At this hour

Suddenly i feel like writing. Baby monitor is here, the playroom is up to the way it supposed to be. N we resumed on sleeping in their own room.
Just so u know, we'd moved out to a bigger house. Still in Kertih n still renting n yet we r truly happy, alhamdulillah :) We might practice another round of (tiring) packings n unpackings anytime soon but u gotta do what u gotta do. Life goes on, u can plan but Allah has better plans for u.
The kids r doing great, alhamdulillah. Iman can read simple words now, n still can be relied on whenever i'm short of hand. Ilham catch up pretty fast as well, more towards memorizing n im fine with it, diaperless during bedtime n he is in a smell-phase now. He practically asks whenever he smell sth, just like Iman b4. Iffah shows gud response towards her school after a series of i-hate-school drama. N she talks, a lot! Cheeky, of course. I would say that she is independent yet soft-hearted.
Ilmi is growing healthily-clingy but getting easier to be handled. She can sit now!! Boy, she is my dumbbell. N perhaps, she's the reason why people said i'm getting skinnier. Read skinnier not slimmer, ok. Papa said i'm aneroxic n that's sooo exagerating! Hahaha... Nway, we had to opt for a baby walker for her. Never had 1 b4. She loves it, erm, for 20 mins the most! Hahaha... Well, at least i dont need to carry her along while i'm cooking. Oh, she loves me. A LOT. She's no longer bottlefed n my ebm r remained untouched:( why? because she loves me :)
N me, still coping with the kids. I'm yet to establish an organized routine as plan since things didnt turn out the way i planned it to be. Nvm, as i said earlier, i believe Allah has better plan for us. Alhamdulillah, some of the key agenda r being materialized. Let's just jot down the agenda n we shall juggle with the time. N owh, we'd resumed on homeschooling too. Not so taxing n more towards impromptu sessions. At least thats better than nothing :)
Nhow, some piccas from my collections just to reminisce our moments :)
I love to dress them like a twin. Haha.. They r enjoying it for the time being. :)
This picca was taken in Cameron Highlands during our impromptu vacay.
Iffah said those thorny creatures r durians. Hahaha.
Father n son in Putrajaya during another impromptu session.
Elder 3 were amazed with the balloons.
Steady, intan payung, steady :)
So, there u go, dear blog. I see u when i see u. Hahaha...
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