Sunday, May 12, 2013


N yes, we went back to our hometown to vote. The 1st time ever for me. Im doin this for my kids n for my country n of course for Islam. It's sad to see what we r turning ourself into. Fitnah, bad-mouthing n all sort of acts that actually pulling our mindset down. We r heading ourself to a 3rd class mentality. It is sad when people can easily trust the any corridor news n take it seriously. Come on people, wake up n do ur study. Find a reputable source. There r lots of macai out there, from any party n dont let us be one of them. All of us have a gud head on our shoulder n just ignore those people. Dont spread any info if u cant guarantee the truth. Spread positivity, instead. Please, jgn jd org jahil.

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