Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To the island we go!!!

This took place a week b4 GE13. Another impromptu. Blame me as I didn’t know that it was a long weekend. Long weekends had always been at the back of my head during my working days n now I couldn’t care less. Haha! So, there’s the impromptu.
Telling ourselves to hop on the east coast islands is our annual event. Getting there had always remained as a wish. We planned n cancelled and planned again and cancelled. Why, hmm, well, just to give ways to our babies.
Nhow, we planned it a day b4 our departure, err, less than 24hrs, I would say. Crazy, yes. That’s the beauty of staying at home, u can pack during day time! But u have to tolerate the price hike.
Packing was tough. Everything needed to be minimized as we’ll be walking most of the time. No strollers, of course. Can’t imagine it, at first. I have to remind myself, I cant expect it’s like Langkawi. It’s a small island. It’s Perhentian! Why we chose it, because Papa said it is the most exquisite island at the east coast n we r running out of time to go to any other islands. So, we chose the best. N it was! Judging by the timer, of course.
Bringing small kids on the boat was alarming, plus a do-not-know-how-to-swim mom. But the excitement kills it, for the kids of course. Just let the adults handle the fear. I almost dropped my jaw upon reaching the island. It was breathtaking! The kids were very excited to see the fish clearly. Owh, it was crystal clear! I’d sooo wished I can jump into the sea. I’d soooooo wished. If only I know how to swim. If only I am brave enough!
So, what did we do there? Basically, anything outdoor. We just get back to our room to wash up n sleep. That’s it. We checked in in the afternoon, placed our bags n out for food n saying hi to the beach from 3 pm to almost dusk. The crystalline water and the clean sands were too good to be missed. N masyaAllah, the kids got along with the beach so well, including my little dumbbell :) I know they were tired, but they didn’t even bother. N that has made our night activities were just dinner n recharge time.
Being fully recharged had made us jumped out of bed on the next day n off to the beach again the minute the sun started to peek. We’d mingled with the nature; swam, snorkeled (though I’d almost drown) and greeted the sea creatures, sand-castling, soon after we’d settled with our breakfast till midday. We’d paused for a couple of hours to refresh ourselves n out for food and the beach again. Had our boat tour and real sea snorkeling session for papa and our final beach session. Papa witnessed the sharks and vibrant fishes whilst we just said hi to a turtle and the fishes from the boat. What a moment! Later that night, Papa treated us with a great finale dinner. Voila! Then, we tucked the kids to bed, pack our stuff and on the next day, catch our 8 am boat.
Waiting for the boat at Kuala Besut
See, we  had to walk all the way. Owh, this is Perhentian Island Resort.
 Ilmi suddenly turned into a big eater. She ate n ate n ate like nobody's business
As we didn't bring our car, Papa made 1 for us.
Our boat tour, snorkelling n saying gudbyes
We'll meet u again, insha Allah
N what we’d turned ourselves into? Sunburnt, big grins n contented campers. :)

P/S: We didn't bring our camera. All piccas r just from the phone. :( Well, better than nothing.

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