Thursday, August 22, 2013

New place, new environment

U had been badly abandoned. U hav no idea how i'd missed u. My fingers had been dying to meet the keyboards. My sincere apology to u, dear blog.

I no longer bloghopping nowadays. Crazily reading the fb updates, instead. News, online shopping, life stories, politics, homeschooling, tips etc.

Apart from that, i'm tremendously busy with my new home at the moment. Putting everything in place, getting the daily rhythm, establishing the routines. Yes, we'd moved. Hence, the abandon-ness. Alhamdulillah the kids really love this new environment n adapting very well.

My blogging skill needs to be polished. I feel a bit rusty. Perhaps i'll brush it off with a short n frequent updates. I'll do my best, inshaAllah.

Oh, this girl is already 1yo! Man, time flies, fast.

P/s:Do buzz me, whenever u r in Miri, will u!
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1 comment:

mummymer said...

oo dah ke Miri yer. :) miss ur writing

amira ibuemir


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