Friday, September 20, 2013

The must-not-forget day

Is the day when somebody gets a yr older. Hahaha... Being unemployed can only allow me to go for any homemades. So, the kids made a birthday card with their favorite items; iman with her rainbow, ilham with his aeroplane n iffah with her handprinted elephant while ilmi n i made a red velvet cake for him, for the 1st time ever! Haha
The kids were happy with their masterpiece n i'm happy with my masterpiece too! Papa complimented with a 'but' at the end of his sentence. Hahaha.. I still accept the compliment :pp
Owh, ilham said "mmm, delicious", while licking his lips. This boy really melt my heart. Iffah cheated just by eating the cream cheese toppings. N iman said it was nice too, n wanted to give to her teachers. Ilmi? She just ate, as usual. :)
Just so u know, we went to Brunei, a day trip as we are only less than 30 mins to the border. No specific agenda, just to see how Brunei is n since most of our frens recommended us to try their sushi, we had our shot. Not so bad for a 1st timer. Papa, then, officiated his dual line kite that he bought during the international kite festival in Bintulu.

A card + a cake + a trip to brunei + a dual-line kite session + a sushi treat for him, n i get 3 bunga kantan in return (which let me believe it means i love u, eventhough i know they usually sell in a bunch of 3! Hahahha)
N the bunga kantans r safe in our tummy now after sacrificing their lives in the asam pedas, which was another thumbs up by Papa. Woot3...
Ok, enuf of bragging how good u cook, ibu. Wanna know the secret? Whenever they say its not nice or it didnt taste good, just say this is our rezeki for today, we shouldn't complaint. Hahaha.. Well, at least the kids learnt it the right way, dont u think?
But somehow, u can tell from their face if it is really not nice. How can they lie to a mother, u tell me? :ppp
Btw, HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY PAPA!!! We love u more n more everyday :)

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Puteri Nur Aqiliah said...

the red velvet cake like seriously looks extremely tempting! Nak buat jugalah! dah lama x baking! wowoooot!


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