Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh, i'm sooo good at this ^_^

I did some numerous baking. Seriously. Kickstarted with red velvet cake for Papa's bday followed by several others. Scrumptious, i do not lie. Pardon my pics as they don't do justice. Huhu

I'd baked this twice.

N this

Then, i refined my choc chip muffins n bread pudding

N i challenged myself by making rainbow cake as the kids requested me to do it. I'd followed Martha Stewart's

Not forgetting my apple crumble that Ilham requested for more

Next was moist chocolate cupcakes from Rima of Bisouatoi

N the latest was Pretzels! I opted for this since my middle two r down with chicken pox, n not allowed to consume eggs.

N i told Papa bout it once he got home

Me: I buat pretzels arini
Papa: WOW!!!
Iman: tapi keras

Hurmmmmmmm...... *________*

N thats the end of me boasting about my baking skills. Hahahhaha!!!

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