Thursday, December 19, 2013

N it's my bday this time around

N i was not into baking as we had lots of cakes n sweet stuff during our stretch JB-KL-Ipoh trip.

Ok, my bday gift this yr is a new mixer from Papa. Hence, we will be bff in yrs to come, as long as either one of us sane n healthy. Haha. Papa offered n i chose boysenberry :)

So, u got a boysenberry, babeh! Woot2! That reminds me the color of our wedding songket attire. Another woot2! Cant thank you enuf, dear!

It has become a routine that every new gadget that arrived will be officiated by Papa. Yeah, all gadgets, camera, iphones, ipads, sewing machine, lappy, tv, u name it. So, he started googling for meringue recipe all over the Google space n came up with his masterpiece. Why meringue? Do u know that a perfect meringue is the one that don't fall off when u turn it upside down. Yeah, he wants to do that. 😏

Pavlova turned out good, for a 1st timer. U see, this Mr Perfect googled every single tips n told me the theory that i'd never heard b4 n it was a tense baking session, no kidding! I had to see my bed only at 1 am! Haha.

The kids love it. Ilham, being a skeptical-to-new-dish eater asked for more once he knew it was made of eggs.

Next Papa would try macarons. Seriously. We searched high n low, entire Miri for the ingredients, to the point that Iffah requested to go home, which is very very rare to happen. We even bought a non-stick grease paper. Why? Because the recipe said so, thats why! Another tense session, u bet. Hohohoho! N the 1st mixture was extremely runny n he wanted to try it again! 😱😱😱

Alhamdulillah, he improvised even though his macs cracked n runny, yet eatable. Oh, dont talk about the look, u'll run away, definitely. Hahaha...

Those dishes had left us with egg yolks which there is no way i'm gonna throw it away. So, i'd turned it into créme brûleè which i got from Rima

Well, at least those r scrumptious! 😉
Perhaps i will try it with less sugar if i were to do it again next time.

After a while, i re-read the manual n found this

Dare for another round, dear? 😁

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anak Wan Salleh said...

Kitchen Aid!! wahhh lucky you!


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